Career Services

EPortfolios for Students

Weber State University’s ePortfolios are an innovative way for students to market themselves. Through Portfolium, a digital portfolio platform, you can visually communicate your skills and accomplishments with future employers.

Benefits of an EPortfolio

  • Demonstrate your professional value by displaying samples of your work or abilities.
  • Your account is free to use while at WSU and after you graduate.
  • Start sharing your educational journey and preparing for career opportunities with an ePortfolio.

How to Create an EPortfolio:

To activate your Portfolium account, log into the Canvas app, then click on Account in the left-hand menu. From there, follow the instructions to set up your account. Click on your name or profile picture to go directly to your Portfolium page. To start building your portfolio, you can either choose existing Canvas assignments to import as projects or create your own projects from scratch and add content later. 

Curate Your EPortfolio  

Start collecting assignments and other items that prove your skills, then add them to Portfolium to show off your abilities. To access the portfolio view and add projects, sign in and click your name in the upper left of the Portfolium homepage.

Recommendations to display your accomplishments: 

  • Populate your introduction with your best examples, strongest skills, and overall professional goal. 
  • Arrange categories in descending order to reflect your primary goal. For example, if your goal is to become a writer, highlight your time at the student newspaper first. 
  • Highlight other skills you’ve gained in extracurricular or co-curricular activities.
  • Focus on your strongest examples and experience. 

For more tips on using your ePortfolio, view Portfolium trainings, contact your instructor or come to WSU's Career Station.

Share Your Work  

Set your privacy settings to public, then you can copy and share your profile's URL. Anyone with this link can view your ePortfolio. You can also share Portfolium projects on your resume or LinkedIn page. Each project has a unique URL, so you can link directly to them.

If you’re using Portfolium for a class but don’t want to share projects publicly, set your profile to private, then copy the provided public share link. Your project will stay mostly private, but you can still provide access to your instructors and others through that link. 

Keep Going  

As you continue to grow, your ePortfolio should too. Keep adding and sharing your accomplishments with Portfolium. It’s always free to use, even after you graduate. 

To learn more, visit the Portfolium Network.