CDEV, which stands for Career Development, is designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn and apply career development principles throughout their Weber State experience. Whether you are participating as part of a class, a co-curricular program, or building your own individual experience, CDEV will prepare you for next-step success in all career industries!


If you are completing CDEV for Individuals, please note that you should plan on completing the program within the same semester you registered. This semester, the deadline is April 11th. For all students, but especially if you are an International Student who will need to go through the Social Security process, it is very important that you complete the onboarding process as quickly as possible to ensure that you are able to complete the CDEV program before the semester deadline.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will understand the fundamental elements of a high-quality resume, and are able to apply these principles to their personal resume.

  2. Students are able to identify, apply, and articulate the key skills needed in their field, such as NACE’s career-readiness competencies, transferable skills, and technical skills.

  3. Students will enhance their career preparation through targeted research into career fields, and development of their professional online presence.

There are 4 components of CDEV to be completed. If you are doing CDEV as part of a course or a co-curricular program your administrator will choose  which activities you will have to complete. If you are doing CDEV as an individual you must do the “Employee Readiness Toolkit” for the Skill Articulation component.

After you have completed one activity from each CDEV component, submit your artifactsthrough an Impact in GivePulse. To have CDEV appear on your transcript, your GivePulse Impact must be fully completed 3 weeks before the end of each semester.

Log an Impact   How to Log an Impact

CDEV for Co-Curricular Programs

Have your program participate in CDEV

CDEV Program Application

CDEV for Individuals

Start your career exploration & development

CDEV Individual Application

*Through the HIEEs Pay program, you may be eligible to be paid for completion of the CDEV for Individuals Program. Please refer to Wildcat Advantage for more details.

CDEV for Faculty

Have your course participate in CDEV

CDEV Course Application 

Learn earn more about the four CDEV components:


This is a required component of CDEV.

The Resume is a vital component of CDEV, guiding you through creating a resume that stands out to employers.


This is a required component of CDEV.

The Career ePortfolio is a powerful tool to showcase your skills topotential employers.


If you are completing ‘CDEV for Individuals’ you must select the “Employment Readiness Toolkit” activity to meet the requirements of the program.

Select one from the three listed activities below that focus on NACE competencies to fulfill the Skill Articulation component.

Employment Readiness Toolkit

The Employment Readiness Toolkit is a self-paced online course that focuses on the NACE career readiness competencies. This course includes interactive modules that help students understand, assess, develop, articulate, and reflect on these competencies.


SkillSurvey is an evaluation tool based on the NACE competencies. Supervisors and student employees each assess the student’s work-related behaviors in a survey that takes less than 10 minutes to complete (on average).

Interview Practice

Throughout this activity students learn how to appropriately prepare for an interview and then practice confidently answering behavior-based interview questions on the video interview platform StandOut.

*Note: If your course is conducting mock interviews in a different format, please contact to discuss how this may meet the CDEV requirements.

Professional Development

If you are completing ‘CDEV for Individuals’ you must select "Major & Career Exploration", "LinkedIn Profile", or "Handshake Profile" to meet the requirements of the program.

Select one from the four listed activities below to fulfill the Professional Development component.

Major & Career Exploration

The Major & Career Exploration program was created by Career Services and the Student Success Center to help students navigate the process of exploring and selecting a major and career path. Within this program, students take an online career interest assessment, attend a workshop to receive and understand their results, then conduct career research and identify next-steps.

LinkedIn Profile

An effective LinkedIn profile can be a power tool for job seekers, especially as they build and learn to utilize their professional network. Students will work to create a profile utilizing the resources provided.

Handshake Profile

The Handshake platform was created by college students, for college students, to assist them in their career search.  The internships and jobs posted on Wildcat Handshake are specifically meant for WSU students who are currently in school or who have recently graduated. By creating a profile and opening it to ‘Community’, employers are able to search for potential applicants based on their skills and experience, and students can connect with their peers around the country.

My 3 Webers

The goal of this activity is for students to create three different possible paths they are interested in exploring.  Whether this is their first semester or their last, students can design the different experiences they can have at Weber State and beyond, and then take steps to put them into action.


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