Career Services

FYE Career Module - Info for Instructors

WSU Career Services offers an optional Career Design module which can be included in First Year Experience courses. The module covers:

  • Principles of career design
  • How to get started with career exploration
  • Common career myths
  • Career information resources
  • 8 ways to involve others in the career design process
  • 10 fun ways to try out your career ideas

Also included is an optional assignment which helps students apply what they have learned and begin doing hand-on activities to help them explore their major/career options.

How to Schedule a Career Design Presentation

A list of FYE classes and the Career Services counselor who has been assigned to present in your class will be emailed to you before the beginning of each semester. If you wish to have a Career Services counselor come and present to your class, please reach out to the counselor listed and be sure to indicate the class time, location, and preferred date(s) for your request.

Presentation Location

The Career Design Module can be presented either in your classroom or the Career Services classroom (SC 233; capacity = 25 students). Please contact your assigned presenter if you want to check on the availability of SC 233, otherwise we will plan on coming to you.


Presentation Time and Format

  • The FYE Career Design Module can be presented in either a 45-minute or 60-minute format depending upon the length of your class. Please make sure to indicate how much time you would like us to take.
  • The presentation is typically given using a combination of PowerPoint slides and interactive activities. Please let your instructor know if a laptop and screen are not available in the room.
  • Here is a copy of the presentation slides (PPT) in case you would like to provide them to students or review them when creating quizzes/exams:


Video Resources for Online Instruction

Optional Assignment - Instructions

  • Link for students to download the assignment: 
  • Clicking on the link above will download the aassignment as a Microsoft Word document (MS Office is a available to all WSU students free of charge).
  • Student should download the assignment, respond to the activities in the electornic document itself, and then return the completed document to you. All resources students will need are linked to from within the assignment.
  • You will need to provide students with a due date and let them know how you wish to have them submit the assignment (through Canvas, etc.). Also, because instructors use different grading systems, the assignment does not include point values for the different activities. The optional assignment is designed to be a meaningful experience and will require ~3-5 hours of time. Because outside activities are required, it is recommend that you give your students a minimum of 3 weeks to complete the assignment.

Optional Assignment - Instructions

  • Copy of the PowerPoint slides (if you choose to provide it to students):