Internship Information for Faculty and Staff

Internship Policy | COVID-19

1) Students should follow the guidance of the employers that they are interning with;

2) If no guidance has been given, students should insist that employers find workarounds for interns to work remotely;

3) If remote work is not possible, make sure to have students practice rigorous social distancing;

4) If social distancing is not possible, have students stop the internship.


How Can Faculty Help Students Find Internships?

  • Students are encouraged to talk to faculty members about possible connections they may have in the industry or suggestions of organizations they can reach out to
  • Career Services is supportive of faculty developing employer relationships for the purpose of helping students obtain internships and employement opportunities
  • Faculty are encouraged to share any employer contacts they may have with Career Services so we can make that information available to students more widely through Handshake
  • Faculty can direct students to Career Services for additional information, opportunities and help with internships in addition to their specific internship coordinator

Internship Postings for your Students

List of Internship Coordinators by College and Major

Internship Outreach Team

If you have any questions about helping students find internships or would like to develop an internship program for your major or would like to become an internship coordinator please contact our internship outreach team.

  • Robert Ameling - | 801-626-6960
  • Barry Flitton - | 801-626-6396