Outward Inclusion by the Arbinger Institute


Outward Inclusion isn’t just about participating in the workshop to check a box.
The goal is to create a space where people are seen as people and encouraged to engage in authentic conversations.

- Desmond Lomax, Creator of Outward Inclusion


The Office of Workplace Learning is proud to bring Outward Inclusion to Weber State and our faculty and staff as we seek to align our work with the goals of the institution. It takes time and intention to embed a discipline of equity and strengthen a sense of belonging across all areas in the University. We believe this program provides the space and language to help shift the way we inherently see, react, and include those we encounter throughout our day. 

Program Format

We offer Outward Inclusion as a 4-hour workshop* with additional application modules for follow-up discussions to keep inclusion on the radar of your team. There are three ways to provide this training to your team: 

  • One 4-hour session
  • Two 2-hour sessions
  • Four 1-hour sessions

Our suggestion is the one 4-hour session to be used in a department retreat of sorts. The material does build on itself and it can be difficult to remember references or dive back in after a break. Our goal at the end of the day is inclusion - so what works best for you team works best for us.

*See below for Learning Objectives.

Program Cost

Each participant of Outward Inclusion receives lifetime access to the interactive digital Outward Inclusion workbook through the Arbinger Portal. This digital workbook includes course videos, assessments, and various tools as well as application modules and sustainment videos for continued learning and development. These can be done individually and as a team, allowing the participants to review materials at their own convenience as necessary. 

The cost per participant is $50*. 

*The Office of Workplace Learning was able to purchase 500 licenses at $50 per license - half the cost - through an end-of-year promotion. This discounted rate will be offered until all 500 licenses are utilized. At that point the cost of Outward Inclusion will be $100 per person. 

Program Facilitation

The Office of Workplace Learning is trained to facilitate Outward Inclusion for you and your team at no cost. Additionally, our trainers will facilitate as many follow-up application modules and sustainment video discussions as is helpful to your team. 

To provide Outward Inclusion for your team, please contact Cindy Reinhard and Jennifer Evans to schedule an initial consultation meeting to discuss program format and additional logistics. 

Outward Inclusion Learning Objectives

Outward Inclusion Workshop

  • Become equipped with tools to foster safe, honest, self-reflective, and productive dialogues
  • Understand the origin and nature of bias
  • Explore the impact of stereotyping, labeling, and exaggerating differences
  • Apply frameworks and tools to reduce bias, increase belonging, and influence change

Application Modules

  • Understand the value of diversity and the dangers of tokenism
  • Develop a practical and healthy way to promote diversity
  • Identify and correct practices and structures that erode equity and inclusion
  • Apply frameworks and tools to improve equity and create a culture of belonging