WILDCAT RENAISSANCE: Rebirth & Rediscovery in a Modern Age

2023 Employee Learning Week: Monday, March 6 - Friday, March 10



The original medieval Renaissance period was a time of re-awakening
- the mind, the body, the soul.
It was a time of social change and an intellectual and artistic explosion.
It was a fervent period of personal and cultural "rebirth" around areas of
politics, science, literature, artchitecture and more.
People were encouraged to explore and discover find their place within this time.


This year for Employee Learning Week we're bringing it back.


A personal renaissance is a time a transformation.
This year take some time for yourself - explore areas you've never had a chance
to explore before, learn new ideas, figure out your personal values, try new things
and discover what resonates with you in this season of life. 

During this week, hear from speakers, try out potential new hobbies,
do something fun and random - but most of all, start playing with the idea that you get to determine where you life is headed and all that it holds.

Welcome to the Wildcat Renaissance.



Meet Our Keynote - Laurel Bartmess, Founder & Owner of the Woodland Biscuit Company


Laurel Bartmess, founder and owner of Woodland Biscuit Company, is a Utah native, University of Utah Alumna, entrepreneur, restauranteur, former educator, nonprofit co-founder, and mother of two daughters, Isabella - 20 and Gwen - 17, currently residing in Summit County.

   As the founder of Woodland Biscuit Company, Laurel shares the importance of why knowing your values
is critical in any endeavor.
She shares what it's like to live according to your values and how - with grace and grit - they can
help create the success you want to see in your own life. 





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