People & Culture Conference 2023

The People & Culture Conference is designed to unlock the potential of WSU employees and create a great workplace for all. Our People & Culture Conference succeeds our annual Customer Service Conference.

WSU's First People & Culture Conference: Oct. 20, 2023 @ Dumke Hall - Hurst Center

Navigating change can be challenging and stressful. Yet change is always happening - at work, at home, for you and everyone you know. Though many try, you cannot avoid or escape it. Yet, think back on the best moments of your life. It is likely they are a result of some sort of change.

So what if you became good at change? What if you could discover how to navigate change based on your own strengths and weaknesses?
What might your life be like if you could use change to your advantage?

Hear from Weber's training & development consultants, Jennifer Evans and Cindy Reinhard, as they walk us through The Change Element.
Get the skills, tools, and perspective to make change work for you.

Choose Your Session

We have two sessions available for you to choose the one which works best with your schedule.  

8:30am to 12:00pm: Morning Session

12:30pm to 4:00pm: Afternoon Session

You must register in order to attend. 

Meet our Facilitators!

Jennifer Evans has been sharing her passion for learning with the WSU community for more than 20 years. She believes everyone has an innate desire to develop their talents, and she loves helping others increase their knowledge and capabilities.

Cindy Reinhard is passionate about helping people develop and grow to become more successful. She believes the best employees are those who have the greatest understanding of themselves and others.

Together, these two bring over four decades of developing employees and teams with the skills they need to help them navigate their everyday lives.