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Getting Started In Early College for NUAMES

Step by Step

Step 3: Contact your NUAMES High School Counselor

Reach out to your NUAMES High School Counselor to discuss your participatation in the Early College Program.

Have a copy of your official ACT score sheet ready to provide so that the counslor can determine if you are eligible to participate. The high school counselor will submit your Early College Counselor Contract.

Please note: Student's will receive an email inviting them to the canvas course when this step is completed. Check back with your High School Counselor if you have not received this email within 3 business days

Step 4: Complete the mandatory WSU New Student Orientation

All new Wildcats are required to complete New Student Orientation through their eWeber portal.

Here you will learn important information like how to register for classes, pay for tuition, apply for scholarships, explore degree programs, and available resources for you on campus. More information can be found at:

Note: This is not the same event as the Early College Information Session that you have previously attended.

Step 5: Meet with a WSU Dual Enrollment Advisor

After completing the steps above, you will need to set up your Required Early College (REC) appointment with theWeber Dual Enrollment Advisor for your campus in order to register for classes.

**At least one parent or legal guardian is required to attend this appointment with you.**