Parent Access and Responsibilities

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

In accordance with national FERPA policy, in order to have access to your student's information, your student will need to fill out a Student Information Release Form. More information can be found on Weber State's Parental Information page.

Parent Responsibilities and Tips

  • Be your student's #1 supporter
  • Listen to your student's thoughts and concerns regarding dual enrollment
  • Attend advising appointments with your student
  • Help your student understand how dual enrollment can help them reach their goals
  • Become familiar with resources available to your student
  • Encourage your student to advocate for themselves
  • Ask lots of questions!

IEP/504 plans for Concurrent Enrollment Students

If accommodations in a 504 plan or IEP have proven effective for a student at the High School level, and are reasonable for a university level class, they should continue in CE classes.

Students enrolled in WSU Concurrent Enrollment classes may request college accommodations in accordance with relevant disability law if there is a disagreement about the 504/IEP plan being reasonable for a university course.

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