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Be familiar with how to register/pay for classes and associated deadlines

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IEP/504 plans for Concurrent Enrollment Students

If accommodations in a 504 plan or IEP have proven effective for a student at the High School level, and are reasonable for a university level class, they should continue in CE classes.

Students enrolled in WSU Concurrent Enrollment classes may request college accommodations in accordance with relevant disability law if there is a disagreement about the 504/IEP plan being reasonable for a university course.

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Helpful Information

Know Your W-Number (W#):

Your W# is not the same as your Wildcat username.

Your W# is a private 8-digit identity number that never changes which Weber State uses to identify you.

To find your W#:

  1. Log in to the eWeber portal at
  2. Click your account picture in the upper-right
  3. Select Show W#

Use your Wildcat Email

All correspondence to students from the university and the DE team will be sent to the Wildcat email. It is vital to your success to check and use it regularly.

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Use the eWeber Portal

The eWeber Portal allows access applications from your student email to transcripts to placement testing and so much more.

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