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Steps To Create New Social Media Accounts



#1 Before requesting social media, think it through! Check out WSU's Getting Started outline first

#2 Request Social Media for Your Department

* It is OK to have students maintain your social media but you must have a full-time staff member supervising. 

* Please DON'T create a TikTok account. Help feed WSU's account instead. Contact James Moore


What You Need To Know When Creating Accounts 



Once you are approved to create your account, please make sure that you new accounts follow best practices:

  • Create the account with a department email address so we can reset passwords if needed.
  • If Facebook, you can make Dani an admin as well just so someone has access with turnover.
  • If you have other social media accounts, please be consistent with the name that you call the account so all of your social media accounts line up nicely.
  • Please use your official WSU logo to represent your account or something totally different (it is hard to fit the logo in the profile circle). Do not use the W shield for your profile image (that belongs to big W accounts).
  • Send Dani a link to your new account once it is created so it can be added to your website and to the Student Affairs social media directory.
  • Create an editorial calendar to help you prepare for what you will post.

Maintain Social Media Accounts



We would like to see you post at least once a week during school. Make sure your posts are relevant to your audience and that you quickly respond to any comments or messages. If you have a post that seems inappropriate or a customer service message that is getting out of control, please contact Dani. 


  • Make sure your students (and staff if you want) who maintain your social media watch the social media training video. You can find other training options for all things marketing on our training page.
  • Complete the Social Media Training Word Doc and share with those who are maintaining your social media.
  • Remind all staff, especially new students that they cannot create social media to represent your department themselves. They need to work through official channels.
  • Marketing on Campus - Both Physical and Digital
    (includes common social media graphic sizes)

Social Media Training Video



Delete Social Media Accounts



Let Dani  know before you close any accounts so that we can remove it from your website and directories.

Social Media Directories



 Student Affairs Department Social Media Directory     WSU Social Media Directory 


Student Affairs Social Media Accounts 




Want something posted to Student Affairs Social Media? Contact Dani 


Contact: Dani McKean 801-626-8036 | SA Marketing Staff