Experiential Learning Online Community of Practice

Facilitators: Sally Cantwell sallycantwell@weber.edu and Brent Horn brenthorn@weber.edu

Welcome to the Facilitating Experiential Learning Online COP page.  This community is dedicated to sharing ideas about how to take labs, clinicals, studios, and other types of experiential learning activities into the online and virtual realm.

Some content and skills require specialized teaching environments to maximize their effectiveness, thus a wide variety of disciplines use experiential activities for teaching.  However, activities such as science labs, health clinicals, art studio creation, and student teaching are REALLY difficult to accomplish in online environments.  This community provides discussion, learning and support for the development of experiential learning activities in online and virtual environments.

Experiential Learning Grant Abstracts

Experiential Learning Online Innovations

Meeting Schedule

  • Next meeting for the Summer Grantees is July 1 @ 11:00am

  • Contact Brent Horn for an invite to the Zoom meeting.

  • We will be doing a Tech Check-In and in-depth introduction of our innovation consultant team. 

Group Chat

  • In the spirit of using currently integrated innovations, we have a Google Chat room (COP-Experiential Learning Online) for sharing updates, accomplishments and other news.

  • Email Brent Horn for an invite to the Chat Room




Innovation Consultants






Creative Academic Technology Solutions (CATS)

Development of virtual, augmented, mixed reality labs or environments, etc.

Alan Ferrin



Evaluating outside of the classroom technology, software or service

Ty Naylor


Identifying and implementing in-classroom technology

Matt Cain


Teaching and Learning Forum (TLF)

Experiential learning pedagogy Assessment

Colleen Packer


WSU Online

Development of interactive online activities such as games, case studies, simulated lab environments, etc.

Vetting third party eLearning tools for privacy, FERPA and accessibility

Exploring the benefits and challenges of eLearning tools and their integration with Canvas

RC Callahan