April 2020 Newsletter

April 10, 2015

Learning in the Time of Covid-19

Because the world has changed, learning must change.

No one expected it. No one wanted it, and yet the pandemic happened. We only thought the world was changing quickly before this world-wide crisis. Now we see extensive changes to our everyday activities on a 24 hour basis.

If there is one thing we can all hope to learn from this, it is that there are multiple ways to achieve many goals, especially learning. For those of us who have been teaching the same classes in the same ways for a while, this situation of social distancing and forced online and virtual learning has been a wake up call. We could also see it as a call to arms, a chance to make changes to our teaching styles and methods we have put off for far too long. Our students did not expect this swift change in the middle of a semester either, and it is our job as faculty, as their guides and mentors, to lead them through this time as smoothly as possible. By taking some time to familiarize ourselves with the online resources Weber State has been gathering for years, we can ease the transition for our students and ourselves.

Where can I find online resources for my classes?

Here is a list of resources to help you place course content online:

Canvas Training for Instructors

Introduction to eLearning

Instructional Design Webinar (4/10)

Upcoming Live Canvas Training Event

  • Tuesday - April 28, 2020 (Beginning Canvas)
  • Wednesday - April 29, 2020 (Intermediate/advanced Canvas)

Faculty are encouraged to reach out to the WSU Online Office for help in transitioning to an online format or adding to the online content you already have.

How can I sharpen my skills during this time?

Log into your eWeber portal and search for the LinkedIn Learning app.

  • Click on the section "From Your Org" on the upper right hand side of your dashboard.
  • Select WSU Employee Learning Week 2020 for curated courses.
  • Or search topics to find classes to suit your professional development needs.

What if my class has a lab component?

The Chronicle of Higher Education has some advice on moving a lab course online.

Below are a few more articles about online lab instruction:

‘Extraordinary Measures’

I suddenly have to move my lab course online! What should I do?

Moving Your Classes Online? Here’s How to Make It Work

Where can I find more information and tips for transitioning to virtual instruction?

Dr. Kisha G. Tracy of Fitchburg State University has compiled an extensive list of helpful links to assist in this transition.

TLF Announcements

The Faculty Symposium has moved to an online format and is accessible through the TLF Website

We are now accepting nominations for the Last Lecture to be given in Fall 2020.

2019 Presidential Teaching Excellence Award Recipients

See the TLF Website for more information.

David Aguilar-Alvarez, Assistant Professor/Exercise and Nutrition Sciences 

Brandon Burnett, Assistant Professor, Chemistry/Chemistry and Biochemistry

Sally Cantwell, ADN Program Director/Professor/Nursing

Brian Chung, Professor/Zoology

Tamara Goldbogen, Beverley Taylor Sorenson Endowed Chair for Arts Learning

Spencer Hilton, Instructor/Chair/Computer Science-School of Computing

Brandon Koford, Associate Professor/Chair/Economics

Kristina Moleni, Instructor/Social Work/College of Social and Behavioral Science

Marianna Norseth, Adjunct Faculty/Foreign Language

Will Pollett, Instructor/English

Tressa Quayle, Assistant Professor/Nursing/MATC

Gene Sessions, Professor/History

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