Annie Taylor Dee School of Nursing Chair's Message

Over 60 years ago, Weber State University’s Annie Taylor Dee School of Nursing opened its doors as part of an innovative program to educate nurses during a time of critical scarcity; the program retains its national reputation for excellence and flexibility and continues to populate the State of Utah with highly trained nurses who provide quality care in both urban and rural settings around the region, state and nation.

Weber State University Annie Taylor Dee School of Nursing has developed a nationally recognized reputation for excellence in nursing education based on the school’s commitment to a stepladder approach. The Annie Taylor Dee School of Nursing offers an associate’s degree in nursing, a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a Master of Science in Nursing with a selected focus in administration or education, as well as a clinical master’s training students to become family nurse practitioners. This stepladder approach to nursing education provides nursing students with the option to enter or exit the program at different times or levels in their education. Each level of education fulfills a distinct need in our complicated and changing health care environment.

The Annie Taylor Dee School of Nursing faculty has always taken pride in responding to the changing health care needs and demands of the local community, as well as the more rural parts of Utah. This is evident in the way WSU nursing education is being delivered throughout Utah. While the majority of the education takes place on campus, programs are also offered online for distance learners, those who live in places as far flung as Richfield and the Uintah Basin and other rural areas of Utah. Classes are also available in a “hybrid” format as the student progresses to the BSN level, which is a combination of face-to-face and online learning.

The Annie Taylor Dee School of Nursing has strengthened ties in the community by joining forces with Davis Applied Technology College, Ogden Weber Applied Technology College and Bridgerland Applied Technology College to provide opportunities for licensed practical nurses to advance to registered nurses using WSU’s Annie Taylor Dee School of Nursing curricula and the ATC’s facilities. For 42 years, the Annie Taylor Dee School of Nursing also has had a successful co-op program on the Utah State University campus. In addition, online programs have been offered to rural communities throughout the state and have provided rural hospitals and health care facilities with much-needed skilled nursing care.

Throughout the years, nurse educators at Weber State University have built on a foundation of innovation and flexibility — incorporating technology, challenging learners, developing educators and transforming health care in our community and worldwide. It is my distinct pleasure as the Chair of the Annie Taylor Dee School of Nursing to invite you to our campus to meet with our enrollment directors and discuss your future in health care and receive guidance in how you can plan for a career in nursing.


Susan B. Thornock, EdD, MS, RN

Chair and Professor, Annie Taylor Dee School of Nursing
Dumke College of Health Professions
Weber State University