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Facilities Management Emphasis, Construction Management Technology


General Education Advising:

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Facilities Management Advising:

Pete van der Have
FM Program Coordinator


Salaries in Utah

Annual Median Salary: 


Annual median salaries noted are Utah-wide. Salaries vary depending on the region, workplace and skill level.

Career Services:

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What you will learn

  • Efficiency of operations and maintenance: less waste of time and materials
  • Reducing downtime of mission-critical assets
  • Avoiding loss of revenues and improving/appropriating response to critical emergencies
  • Developing an emergency management plan addressing mitigation, preparation and response, while leading the way to business recovery
  • Extending life expectancy of equipment and buildings, reduced long-term costs
  • Short- and long-range budget planning
  • Addressing long-term facility and leased property needs
  • Effective capital planning and prioritization of projects
  • Effective communication with customers, internal and external
  • Reducing turnover of staff for lower training costs and workers compensation charges
  • Developing a long-term facility plan integrated into the organization’s long-term strategies




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