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Parson Construction Management



General Education Advising:

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Construction Management Advising:

Thomas Hales
Program Coordinator

Salaries in Utah

Annual Median Salary: 


Annual median salaries noted are Utah-wide. Salaries vary depending on the region, workplace and skill level.

Career Services:

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What you will learn

  • Preconstruction process and delivery methods
  • Construction processes in commercial and heavy civil construction
  • Business skills: creating a business plan, accounting, cost control, profit maximization and project scheduling
  • Current software application for construction
  • Surveying techniques, layout and control
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Project and site safety
  • Principles of design and sustainable construction
  • Legal implications of construction contracts, document and regulatory law
  • Construction risk management
  • Accounting, cost control, and profit maximization
  • Methods, materials and equipment used to construct projects
  • Construction management supervisory skills