Esmaeil Mousavi

Esmaeil Mousavi


My name is Esmaeil Mousavi. I am an AI/ML researcher, graduate teaching assistant, while pursuing my bachelor's in computer science at Weber State University, Utah, USA.


  • Positions



Weber State University Appointments 

Oct. 2022 - Present   

Assistant Researcher in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Vehicles: 

  • Facilited advanced projects integrating computer vision for lane following and object detection.

  • Conducting research to enhance autonomous navigation systems' accuracy and reliability using 3D LiDARs.

March 2023 - Present 

Assistant Teacher for CS 6300 Route Planning and Navigation:  

  • Facilitated lectures and practical sessions on computer vision, object detection, and emergency braking systems.

  • Involved in developing the CS6300 course syllabus and developing online sourcebook for the students.

Link to: Course Catalog.

Jan. 2023 - Present 

Assistant Researcher in Machine Learning:  

  • Spearheading research in machine learning for securing hard disk drives against acoustic cyber-threats. 

  • Conducting data optimization research and developing predictive models for feed-yard mortality. 


National Center for Water Quality Research 

Nov. 2021 - Sept. 2022 

Data Analyst:

  • Analyzing water mineral and contaminant data, using advanced analytical techniques to provide insightful data interpretations, aiding in the development of effective water quality management strategies. 

  • Using statistical models and machine learning in environmental data science and contributing significantly to predictive environmental analytics. Aiding in the development of effective water quality management strategies. 

Dec. 2021 - Sept. 2022 

Assistant Researcher:  

  • Led the applying of statistical models for time series analysis, support vector machine, specializing in water quality forecasting. 

  • Utilized the ARIMA model and various machine learning techniques to analyze and predict environmental data trends.  

  • Authored and contributed to research papers; conducted detailed research and analysis of water mineral and contaminant data from the Sandusky River's. 



  • Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, autonomous vehicles and robotics, ML in education and health, data visualization.



Work In Progress 

- E Mousavi, K Fuez. “Active Noise Cancellation Solution using Machine Intelligence for Acoustic Denial of Service Attacks on Hard Disk Drives,” Graduate School of Computing, WSU. 

April 2022 

- E Mousavi et al. “A descriptive analysis: a forecast on the ratio of Sandusky river's total particulate phosphorus per suspended sediments regarding the river's flow using autoregressive integrated moving average and supervised machine learning,” The U.S. National Center for Water Quality Research, Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard and Harvard Medical School. Link to: paper view

June 2020 


- E Mousavi, “Two-Stroke X-Shaped Engine” published under Patent Cooperation Treaty (WIPO) in the World Intellectual Property Organization, consisting of several conceptual ideas in mechanical engineering, automotive and aerospace engineering –internal combustion sector–, (WIPO Publication #WO/2020/026037). [1], [2], [3] 

Published and presented at Heidelberg University research symposium (April 2022), supervised by Prof. Laura Johnson and Dr. Nathan Manning, NCWQR Research Scientists, anProf. Ali Akbari, Senior Research Scientist & Lecturer, Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard and Harvard Medical School.


Published and presented at Heidelberg University research symposium (April 2022), supervised by Prof. Laura Johnson and Dr. Nathan Manning, NCWQR Research Scientists, and Prof. Ali Akbari, Senior Research Scientist & Lecturer, Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard and Harvard Medical School.



    March 2023- Present 

    Senator, Elected as The Senator for College of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology 

    Jan. 2024 

    Research Grant Awarded, Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR), Weber State University – Granted Amount of $2400 

    July 2023 

    Student Advisor, Swarm Learning Model Project, Nvidia & Hewlett Packard Enterprise 

    April 2022 

    Lewis E Miller International Ambassador Certificate, Heidelberg University 

    April 2022 

    Emerging Leader Certificate, Heidelberg University 

    Sept. 2014- June 2020 

    Top 5% student for academic performance, Iranian National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talent's Shahid Beheshti High School; from grades 7th to 12th 

    July 2014 

    Top ranking in the Entrance Examination Test of Exceptional Talents' School, National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents 


    Oct. 2021- Present 

    Harvard SEAS Computer Science Colloquium Group, Harvard University: Engaged in innovative webinars and conferences on computer science, AI, and machine learning. 

    Oct. 2023- Dec. 2023 

    Faculty Senate Committee, Weber State University: Participated in faculty senate sessions and reviewed State of Utah higher education system bylaws; focused on Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion initiatives (EDI.) 

    Oct. 2023- Dec. 2023 

    Academic Resource Committee, Weber State University: Discussing budget distribution and funding for classroom equipment; coordinated with faculty, deans, and chairs. Link to: ARCC Website 

    Jan. 2024- Present 

    IT Advisory Committee, Weber State University: Contributed to discussions on account security, Two-factor Authentication, and digital and RFID IDs’ solutions. 

    Feb.2022- Present 

    Association for Computing Machinery ACM®, New York, NY: Active in local meetings and global webinars, keeping abreast of advancements in the computer science field. 


    Iran's National Elites Foundation: Joined after acceptance into the National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents. 


    Nov. 2023 


    Organizer & Panelist, Weber State University’s AI & Autonomous Vehicles Symposium: Invited and coordinated lectures by professors on AI and autonomous vehicles for engineering students. 

    Oct. 2023 

    VIP Participant, AI/ML Leader in Tech for the State of Utah, Pluralsight Navigate, The Grand America Hotel 

    July 2023 

    Participant, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Uncertainty Quantification Conference, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Pasadena, CA 

    March 2023 

    Participant, Terasaki Institute Innovation Summit, The University of California, Los Angeles, CA 

    Nov. 2023 

    Organizer, Weber State University’s AI & Autonomous Vehicles  

    Nov. 2023 

    Participant, Leadership to Legacy Conference, Weber State University 

    April 2022 

    Research Presenter, Heidelberg University Research Symposium, Tiffin, OH 



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Room 337, School of Computing Faculty Research Lab, 

Noorda Applied Science & Technology Building,

1465 Edvalson St, Ogden, UT 84403


Room 128, Autonomous Vehicles and Electronics Lab, 

Computer & Automotive Engineering Building,

2750 University Park Blvd, Layton, UT 84041, United States.


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