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Weber State student challenges 'college material' myth

Looking back, its hard to believe Brodee Kendrick ever considered himself not college material. He's active in WSU student leadership, works on campus, and is about to earn his associate's degree.

40-year careers distinguish 2023 Dixon Award winners

With more than 120 years of combined service to Weber State University, one staff and two faculty members will receive the WSU Alumni Associations H. Aldous Dixon Award.

WSU professor honored for enriching lives of children with disabilities

A physical education professor at WSU is being recognized for his commitment to the community via his landmark work on behalf of children with disabilities. James Zagrodnik will receive the 2023 John A. Lindquist Award.

79-year-old Weber State student becomes TikTok sensation

Among the thousands of seniors finishing their last semester at Weber State University this spring, another kind of senior is relaunching her educational journey and gaining millions of followers in the process.