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ASIA 2022 Memebers

Asian Student Involvement Association (ASIA)

The goal of this student run organization is to provide a space for Asian students and students interested in Asian culture to socialize, collaborate and participate in leadership and volunteer opportunities. ASIA also provides quality opportunities for academic and extracurricular experiences and promotes student involvement in university clubs, organizations, events and activities.

Hispanic Area Council 2022 Members

Hispanic Area Council

The goal of this student run organization is to create a sense of awareness of all Hispanic and
Latino cultures, help retain the Hispanic and Latino population in a university setting, provide opportunities for community service and involvement and establish the success of the Council as a whole through the development of individual excellence.

Native American dancing in ceremonial clothing

Native American Student Association (NASA)

NASA is a student-run club that organizes activities and events that honor the beauty of Native American cultures. NASA aims to provide quality opportunities through academic and extracurricular experiences related to the Native American experience that encourage student engagement within the university and community. You can help NASA students engage in meaningful campus activities and community service with your generosity! Help us amplify Native American student initiatives at Weber State University.

Ohana Association 2022 Members

The Ohana Association (TOA)

The goal of our student run organization is to explore issues related to the Pacific Islander (PI)
experience, educate people about the diversity of Pacific Islands’ heritages and traditions, as well as recruit, retain and graduate fellow students. You can help TOA implement various efforts and programs which are designed to promote academic, educational, social and cultural achievement with your generosity.

WSU Ballet Folklorico

WSU Ballet Folklorico

Ballet Folklórico is an initiative program that helps students to be retained in college through folk and heritage. Students are supported through academic advising, develop leadership skills by mentoring, advising and doing community service, strengthening strong cultural identities and engaging in social activities