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WOCC Herstory

In 2018, a group of professional women at Weber State created the Women of Color Coalition with a vision of building an organization that advocates for a greater understanding of the social and political climate faced by women of color.

Coalition Timeline


  • First member meeting planned for Welcome Breakfast.
  • COVID-19 forces cancelation of in-person meetings, including Welcome Breakfast.


  • WOCC transitions from being housed in Student Affairs to the Office of Diversity.


  • WOCC begins meeting in person again in the fall.



  • Alex Dutro-Maeda, Women’s Center

  • Andrea Baltazar, Department of Communication

  • Andrea Hernandez, Access & Diversity; Student Involvement and Leadership; Women’s Center

  • Olga Antonio, Peer Mentor Program

  • Tashina Barber, Center for Multicultural Excellence

  • Unique Harston, Housing

  • Yajanetsy Ruano Ortega, Women’s Center

Inaugural Board

  • Andrea Hernandez, Chair

  • Linnette Wong, Vice Chair
  • Tia Nero, Secretary
  • Andrea Baltazar, Treasurer
  • Andrea Salcedo, Membership Coordinator
  • Unique Harston, Social Coordinator
  • Yesenia Quintana, Secretary
  • Teresa Matinez, Herstorian

Key Campus Supporters

  • Jessica Oyler, Human Resources
  • Brett Perozzi, Student Affairs
  • Enrique Romo, Access & Diversity