Matthew Laird, Applied Environmental Geosciences Major

How did you decide on your program?

At first I wanted to be an electrical engineer working in Radio Frequency (RF) because I did something similar in the Navy. After getting a job in that field I quickly discovered working on circuit cards all day was numbing. I was in Environmental Geology Geo 1060 at that time and fell in love with understanding the earth and why natural processes happen. 

What’s been your favorite class so far and why?

Geomorphology. Geomorph is the study of the earths surface, everything we studied could be found by just walking outside and looking around. The labs were held in the park and the data gathering was mostly done in teams.

What do you wish more people knew about the College of Science?

I would like people to know how much fun it is to understand why things happen... and your "granite" counter tops most likely are not granite.

"The other students and professors are intelligent and fun to be around."

Matthew enjoys the personal attention that comes with being a student at Weber State University.

"I really enjoy the small class sizes and how personal the professors are."