Find Your Community & Your Connection to Weber!

Join us for weekly events and activities designed to
get you active and involved on campus the first six weeks of school.

2019 Wildcat Welcome is over. We will be updating the website with new activities for fall 2020!

We had over 130 events for Wildcat Welcome 2019! We gave away tons of socks, t-shirts, gift cards, swag bags and more to students who attended our events.

Be sure to join us for fall 2020 events and win more amazing prizes! 

-- Your WSUSA Reps Encourage You To Get Involved! --


Bret Alexandar

Student Body President

“New students should get involved right away because it is easier to know what you can juggle from the start versus trying to fit something into a routine or comfort zone.”


Hannah Olsen

Leadership Vice President

“Student involvement is what takes college from something you feel like you have to get through to something you don’t want to leave.”


Michelle Thao

Activities Vice President

“Get involved right away because it allows you to feel a sense of belonging as well as meet great people within the community and university.”


Kade Crittenden

Legislative Vice President

“The longer you wait to get involved, the more you miss. Don't be shy! Just get loud and be proud of WSU!!!”


Katie Giddens

Clubs & Orgs Vice President

"I have seen an improvement in my grades and have gotten to participate in new job opportunities that I wouldn't have been able to without getting involved."


Hyrum Packard

Service Vice President

"Yes you can go to class, do your homework, go to work, and be done; but if you're really wanting to have an awesome time while here at Weber, get involved right away!"


Isabela Alvarado

Diversity & Unity Vice President

"Involvement is important to me because it makes me feel connected with Weber State. It makes me feel good knowing that I am part of a friendly community and gives me a break from only focusing on school."


Heather Sheehan

Davis Campus Vice President

"Involvement offers the chance to develop and build skills, demonstrate time management, become more collaborative, form friendships and new networking opportunities, build self-confidence, and increase your marketability."