Social Wellness

Social Wellness involves valuing the importance of interpersonal relationships. The socially well person possesses and nurtures a network of support through positive relationships with friends, family, coworkers and intimate partners. They are able to relate to and connect with other people in their world, displaying a level of sensitivity and awareness towards the feelings of others. Socially well relationships are built on interdependence, rather than co-dependency, and are based on a foundation of mutual trust and respect.

Tips for Social Wellness

Take Time For Reflection -

What aspects of your life do you like, and what aspects would you like to adjust? Take time to understand what your values are, your feelings, and where you want to be in life. Having a better understanding of your life will help you to express to others what you want in life and help you to surround yourself with others who have similar values and feelings as yourself.

Build Healthy Relationships -

Having strong and healthy relationships with others is crucial for social wellness. These relationships can impact your mental and physical wellness as well. Having good relationships that you can depend on will help to build you up, and continue to learn and utilize skills of communication.

Join A Club Or Organization -

Reach out and find an organization or club that interests you. By joining these groups, it helps broaden your relationships by meeting new people that have similar feelings and values with you.

Practice Effective Communication -

Practice being able to share your thoughts, feelings, and ideas with those around you. Doing so will able yourself to be more proactive in your ideas and those around you will get to know you better and know what you stand for. In addition, it is also important to be an effective listener and listen to understand others when they communicate their ideas to you.

WSU Resources

Athletic Events
Experience the many athletic events Weber State has to offer! Grab some friends to go cheer on our football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball or any of our other teams.         

Clubs and Groups
There are clubs and groups for students to get involved, don’t find one you like? Start a one of your own! There are many religious and philosophical clubs.

Center for Diversity and Unity

At Weber State University’s Center for Diversity & Unity, we are committed to providing access, building community, and educating each other about diversity issues while creating a learning environment that values inclusion, cultural competence, and intercultural sensitivity for all students, staff, and faculty.
Non-traditional Student Center
The center is here to help meet the needs of students who are over 25, and/or married/divorced/widowed, a parent, a veteran, and/or disabled. The Center helps students make the most of their educational experiences at WSU while still balancing family, home, and work. They offer
Cultural Affairs
Each season Weber State Cultural Affairs features public performances and educational residencies of artistic excellence in a diverse range of disciplines.

Performing Arts     
The Performing Arts Department puts on events throughout the school year that include dance, music, and theater.
Wildcat Lanes and Game Center
Wildcat Lanes is a recreation center with bowling, billiards, shuffleboard, air hockey, and video games.
Shepherd Union
As the heart of campus, there is always something going on in the union. Visit one of their many student centers, places to eat, places to play, or find a couch to sit down and study or relax.

WSU Mobile
Accessing WSU mobile on your phone will provide you with eweber mobile portal, campus maps, social media, university news, Wildcat athletics, university events and other WSU Apps.

Club Sports
Provide opportunities for take part in a variety of individual and group sports, meet new people, try new recreational activities, earn scholarships and gain leadership experience.


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