Wellness Rewards Program

Turn in your cards the last day of the semester

Remember to turn in your full Wellness Rewards card to the Student Wellness Office (Wildcat Center Rm. 210) by the morning of the last day of each semester to be included in each semester's drawing for a $20 Campus Stores Giftcard.

The winner will be notified via email.

Students can attend 10 on-campus wellness activities for a prize and up to 30 for three prizes! For every 10 wellness activities students will also be entered into a raffle drawing for $20 Book Store gift certificate.

Wellness Rewards: Activities

As a Weber State student, you have access to an amazing variety of resources to help you get and stay well. Better yet, most of these resources are free or low cost! The Wellness Rewards program is designed to encourage you to make use of these resources and earn prizes for doing it!

How does it Work?

  1. Pick up a Wellness Rewards card from the Wellness Center (Wildcat Center, Room 210)
  2. Participate in 10 on-campus wellness activities. See the list, below, for qualifying activities.
  3. Fill out your rewards card
  4. Bring your completed card back to the Wellness Center
  5. Get rewarded!

Students can redeem one card per semester for a total of three cards/30 activities a year. Each card will earn you entry into an end-of-semester raffle for a chance to win a $20 gift card to the Weber State University Campus Bookstore.

Qualifying Activities

The following activities have been pre-approved in the Wellness Rewards Program. If you have an activity that is not on this list, but feel that it falls within one of the dimensions of wellness, please submit the activity to studentwellness@weber.edu for consideration.


Emotional Wellness EmotionalSpiritual Wellness SpiritualPhysical Wellness PhysicalSocial Wellness SocialEnvironmental Wellness EnvironmentalOccupational Wellness OccupationalIntellectual Wellness Intellectual

Receive services from the Counseling & Psychological Services Center

Emotional Wellness Spiritual Wellness

Counseling services

Emotional Wellness Spiritual Wellness Physical Wellness

Relaxation/ meditation groups

Emotional Wellness

ADHD Group


Visit the Stress Relief Center 

Emotional Wellness Spiritual Wellness Physical Wellness 30 minutes in Stress Relief Center



Actively participate in a Club or Student Leadership opportunity through Student Involvement and Leadership (SIL)

Emotional Wellness Social Wellness Physical Wellness Spiritual Wellness Environmental Wellness Occupational Wellness Intellectual Wellness

A variety of clubs are available to suit your interests. 

Social Wellness Occupational Wellness

Attend a club/leadership meeting or club sponsored event to count as an activity. Limit of two per semester.


Volunteer through the Center for Community Engaged Learning

Intellectual Wellness Social Wellness Spiritual Wellness Environmental Wellness Occupational Wellness Various CCEL volunteer opportunities


Check out what’s offered through Campus Recreation

Physical Wellness Spiritual Wellness

Attend a group fitness class

Social Wellness Physical Wellness

Participate in Intramural Sports

Physical Wellness Intellectual Wellness

Meet with a personal trainer

Physical Wellness

Workout in the gym at the Wildcat Center, Davis Campus (Building 3, room 150), or at the fitness center in the residence halls for at least 30 minutes

Social Wellness Physical Wellness

Actively participate in a Recreation Club

Physical Wellness Occupational Wellness Intellectual Wellness

Take a CPR and First Aid Class

Physical Wellness

Visit the pool for lap swim or open swim for at least 30 minutes

Physical Wellness

Rock climb on the Weber Rocks wall in the Wildcat center

Social Wellness Physical Wellness Occupational Wellness

Participate in classes, clinics, workshops, adventure trips and events through the Adventure Program

Social Wellness Physical Wellness

Participate in a Campus Rec event such as the Campus Recreation Race Series, Yoga Fest, Late Night at the Gym, Mt. Ogden Hike, the Ogden Climbing Festival or the family-friendly Egg Dive



Participate in Weber Walks

Social Wellness Physical Wellness Join a WeberWalks group and meet new people while you walk!


Receive services through the Student Health Center  

Physical Wellness From yearly flu shots and physicals to birth control prescriptions and minor sutures, the Helath Center offers most services at no cost.


Dental Hygiene Clinic Services

Physical Wellness

Get a dental exam 


Any assessment from the Human Performance Lab  

Physical Wellness The Human Performance Lab has state of the art equipment and offers a multitude health and fitness tests ranging from blood cholesterol and body composition to VO2 max and lactate threshold.


Check out what’s offered through Career Services

Financial Wellness Occupational Wellness
  • Attend a Career Café session at Career Services
  • Have Career Services help you with your resume
  • Meet with a career counselor
  • Attend an event sponsored by Career Services (career fair, grad school fair, etc.)
  • Complete a mock interview
  • Take a career assessment


Meet with an academic advisor 

Intellectual Wellness

Remember to make an appointment with your advisor a month before class registration opens.


Attend a tutoring session offered by Tutoring Services 

Intellectual Wellness
  • Appointment Tutoring
  • Online Tutoring
  • Drop-In Tutoring
  • Supplemental Instruction


Meet with financial coach through the Money Management Center

Financial Wellness Financial coaching can help you with questions about budgeting, saving, loans, credit card debt, paying bills each month, or building wealth.


Complete the Online Safe@Weber Training 

Social Wellness Physical Wellness Intellectual Wellness

Online sexual assault prevention training (takes about 45 min)



Nontraditional Student Center Services

 Intellectual Wellness

Schedule a one-on-one appointment with our Developmental Math Tutoring.

Intellectual Wellness Social Wellness

Meet with a Peer Mentors to connect with a peer and have an experienced students’ advice. 

Intellectual Wellness Social Wellness Occupational Wellness

Especially if you are brand new to WSU, make an appointment with our advisor to make an academic and personal plan for success. 

Social Wellness Physical Wellness Emotional Wellness

Attend a Healthy Thursday session. 


Wildcat Center 210 | 801-626-7524 | studentwellness@weber.edu |