Intellectual Wellness

intellectual wellnessIntellectual Wellness values lifelong learning and the ability to maintain an open mind when presented with new ideas and experiences. An intellectually well person has a genuine desire to learn and seeks to be challenged in order to improve and grow as an individual.

Tips for Intellectual Wellness

Improve Your Study Skills -

Learning new information about the way that your mind processes information can be a vital tool while attending college. Understanding the way(s) that you learn best will help you be successful while absorbing new information and solidifying positive study habits.

Read For Fun -

Reading for fun can be hard when you are spending most of your time in a textbook with required reading for classes. Finding time, even if it is a small amount, to read, can improve your intellect and influence your mind to think about other information that you do not regurgitate from an academic textbook.

Practice Brain Games -

Working through puzzles and brain games helps to increase brain power. Activities such as crosswords or sudoku puzzles can help increase intellectual wellness by learning to problem solve and test your brain's ability. 

Learn A New Skill -

Take time to learn a new skill or activity. We challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and stimulate your brain from change. This can be anything, such as cooking, crafting, playing an instrument, dancing, or anything you enjoy. Learning a new skill is a fun and interactive way to increase your intellectual wellness.

WSU Resources

Student Success Center       
The student success center provides academic advisement tools, programs, and counselors to help students reach graduation and navigate their education. The success center will assist students in finding advisors specific to their program.

Whether expanding your knowledge for a class or enjoying some leisure reading, the library is the spot. The Weber State library provides circulation and interlibrary loan services, distance and online learning, media and reserve, article databases, online journals, research guides and more.

Career Services/Career Counseling
Helps you explore your career options and make a plan of action.

Tutoring Services
The Tutoring Program supports student learning through quality tutoring provided by certified tutors who encourage and guide students in the development of their potential as independent learners.

Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery
The Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw art gallery exhibits contemporary art of our time which aspires to challenge visitors to contemplate, discuss and understand the context of contemporary art.

Writing Center
The writing center provides free drop-in and appointment tutoring during the day, evening, and weekend hours. Come see how you can improve your papers and writing skills.

FYE (First Year Experience)
Offers a great introduction to college life at Weber State University and helps students explore, discover, and connect with the resources needed to succeed.

Small Business Development Center
Our approach to business development is to help entrepreneurs develop the skills they need to succeed, either through classroom experiences or one-on-one consultation.  We provide a listening ear, objective analysis and advice, and technical expertise to help students start and grow their businesses.


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