Zoom Video Conferencing Request Form

What is Zoom

Zoom is a Video Conferencing Tool that allows users to easily connect with users on several different devices. Zoom brings simplified video conferencing across any device. Check it out at Zoom.us.

Zoom Features

  • Simultaneous Screen Share
  • Active speaker view
  • Meeting duration limit is 24 hrs
  • Cloud Recordings
    • Cloud recordings are automatically sent to https://videos.weber.edu
    • Cloud recordings are stored in the Zoom cloud for 120 days before being automatically removed. 
  • Check out more at https://zoom.us/pricing Professional Plan to see what features we have already purchased

Zoom Troubleshooting

If you have already requested an account and are unsure of how to access it or you have requested an account and received the email invitation but the link is no longer working, try signing in at https://weber.zoom.us.

If you are unable to view the embed form please go to https://forms.gle/kezfbdeWGavro5G28