Input Final Grades - Canvas

The Input Final Grade tool in Canvas allows you to submit the calculated total grade in Canvas to your final grades in Banner.

Viewing and Submitting Grades

  • Student List: The tool displays students sorted alphabetically by surname.
  • Current Grade: Shows the percentage and the corresponding letter grade.
  • Submitted status: Indicates if Banner has received the final grade (checkmark for submitted)

Final Grades

Automatic Population

  • Final grades are automatically filled with the letter grade calculated by Canvas only when the course has been set up with a Grading Scheme.
    • Ensure that the default grading scheme in your course matches the departmental grading scheme.
  • Spot-Check! Verify all grades and ensure all assignments are graded before submitting final grades. Be sure to enter zeros for missing assignments, or they will not apply to the final grade.
  • Once you've submitted the grade in Canvas, the grade becomes locked. Grades can be edited for up to 10 days through the Faculty Dashboard in your eWeber portal. Otherwise, reach out to the records office.

Partial Submission

The Input Final Grades tool is designed for bulk submission of grades to Banner, individual grading should be done through the Faculty Dashboard in eWeber.
However, if you would like to submit only a few grades at a time in Canvas, here's how:

  • The Input Final Grades tool will skip all empty fields and allow you to enter grades for students not already submitted. This means you can still submit grades for the skipped students later!
  • To skip submitting pending grades, delete the pre-generated grades for those students, leaving only the grades you want to submit.
    • Note: The 'Clear' button is currently disabled, as it will clear all submitted grades from Banner. We are working to re-enable this for individual grade submission. 

Incomplete Grades

  • Entering an Incomplete: Use the 'I' grade code for the Final grade.
  • Incomplete Final Grade: You must enter the final grade that the student would receive if no additional coursework is completed.
    • Banner defaults this to 'E,' but you may choose a different grade.
  • Extension Date (optional): Defaults to one year. Banner will apply the entered Incomplete Final Grade if the instructor does not submit a final grade by this date.
  • Reach out to Canvas support if you need help setting up an Incomplete section in your course to give the student extra time to complete the assignments.

Last Attended Date

  • The Last Attended date is only required when entering a final grade of 'E' or 'UW.' This section can be left blank otherwise.
  • The Attendance tab at the top of the page can quickly set the Last Attended date for each student at a glance.

Error Handling

  • Error: "Check if the registration was generated correctly"
    • Common Causes:
      • Custom sections in Canvas do not match Banner sections.
      • Student enrollment is not on Banner roll (added manually or dropped class).
    • Solution: If you are seeing multiple entries for a student, you likely have them in a custom section. You can ignore the error if at least one entry for the student is successfully submitted. For a student not on your Banner roll, please get in touch with Canvas support for assistance at (801) 626-6188.
  • Error: "null value in column "course_sourced_id" of relation "grade_submission" violates not-null constraint"
    • Common Causes:
      • Independent Study (IND) Course with a Non-Banner parent course in Canvas.
      • Non-Banner course with crosslisted Banner sections.
    • Solution: If you need to submit grades for a CRN-based section in a Non-Banner course, please contact Canvas support at (801) 626-6188 so we can change the course type in Canvas to allow grade submission.

The Input Final Grades tool in Canvas is here for your convenience. You can still submit grades manually via the Faculty Dashboard in eWeber.