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Offering the Best. Creating the Brightest. Building the Future.


Over the past 125 years, WSU and the College of Engineering, Applied Science & Technology (EAST)
 have grown and adapted to meet student, community and industry needs.

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Previous vocational education courses in drafting, telegraphy, electricity, carpentry and plumbing have evolved into accredited programs in:

  • Engineering
  • Automotive technology
  • Computer science
  • Construction management and facilities management
  • Mechanical, manufacturing, electronic, welding and design engineering technology
  • Interior design
  • Network technology
  • Business multimedia
  • Professional sales

Weber State is ranked among the best locations in the country for hiring technical sales professionals. We have more computer science majors than anywhere else in Utah, and every EAST program has an active council of industry advisors to help determine relevant curriculum.



Our computer science students developed an innovative medical
record-keeping system for a teaching hospital in Ghana, West Africa.Small class sizes allow EAST students to enjoy one-on-one interaction with professors who have five years or more of industry experience. Our faculty and staff have strong industry ties that are strengthened through collaborative student internships and senior projects:

  • A Utah aviation company looked to manufacturing and design engineering technology students to solve the problem of runway delays caused by disabled aircraft.
  • To determine the source of Utah's air pollution, EAST students collaborated with others across campus to build a data-gathering weather balloon and launched it 20 miles above sea level.
  • Interior design students recently revamped WSU's Lindquist Alumni Center.

We dream of finding even more creative solutions to current and future community and industry needs.


EAST students come to Weber State with dreams and drive; they leave with the ability to solve real-world problems.
It all begins with an inspirational faculty mentor who knows how to motivate the individual learner.


What We Can Accomplish Together

There's no question that what we do here matters. EAST supplies a job-ready workforce to meet the escalating demands of local, state, national and international corporations and industries. Every day we challenge ourselves, asking, "How can we be even better?"

That's why we're embarking on this anniversary campaign, inviting alumni and friends to invest in our efforts to reach beyond our already stellar reputation as a "one-stop shop" for Utah's commercial sector.



Provide Opportunity


Without scholarships, many of our brightest students, especially nontraditional students with families to support and full-time jobs, could not afford the education that will boost their future earnings. Scholarships move deserving students one step closer to their dream careers.

Capstone Project and Undergraduate
research Support

Engineering technology students created a system that allows workers with disabilities at the Pioneer Adult Rehabilitation Center in Clearfield, Utah, to accurately track inventory.

Theory alone won't get students very far in today's competitive job market. Our students need relevant capstone projects and real-life work experiences so they can apply classroom concepts in practical settings. Your support will allow more students to work alongside faculty on research projects and travel to professional gatherings to present their findings.

Dean's Fund

Opportunity can surface when you least expect it. The Dean's Fund provides a flexible resource that enables students and faculty to take advantage of unanticipated workshops, study abroad programs and other academic events. It also covers the cost of surveys, databases and software -- tools we need to support superior teaching and research.

Advance Knowledge

Endowed Professorships and
aculty Fellowships

Because students learn best when taught by the best, we hire faculty who have proven track records in business and industry. That means we must compete with private sector salaries. Endowed professorships and faculty fellowships will give EAST powerful tools to attract and retain the world's most notable managers and technologists.

Professional Development/Training Fund

Your gift to EAST's faculty enhancement and training fund will allow faculty to keep their teaching methods fresh and stay on the cutting edge of technological innovation.

Outreach Program Support

EAST provides a variety of community outreach programs, including an annual video game camp, Parent-Daughter Engineering Days and a free robotics summer camp for students who are educationally disadvantaged.

Touting education in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) as the key to economic prosperity, industry experts and civic leaders are calling for a sharp rise in the number of K-12 students studying these disciplines. With your help, EAST can expand its existing outreach efforts and create new STEM activities.

Speaker Series

What EAST has to say is relevant both on and off campus. A well-funded speaker series will allow us to sponsor guest speakers, lectures, workshops and discussions to better engage the community and address a broad spectrum of important public issues.

Enhance Campus

New Building Fund

EAST was the only college on campus to see enrollment growth for fall semester 2013. Ironically, the scheduled demolition of two older buildings to make way for the university's new science building will reduce existing space for EAST's burgeoning student population. It's time to start thinking about a brand new home for some of our popular programs.

Equipment/Labs/Software Upgrades

From complex computer systems and robots to cutting-edge electronics labs and design tools, our students need a learning environment worthy of their dreams. Your support, including gifts-in-kind, ensures that EAST programs stay ahead of the curve.


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