EAST Curriculum

Curriculum Dates for 2022-2023

The submission dates listed below are for curriculum (undergraduate & graduate) that have been approved in Curriculog by College Curriculum Committees and approved by the Department Chair and the Dean of the College. 

Proposals must be at the College Curriculum Approval Step by the Submission Deadline Date.

You are responsible for making sure that your proposals get approved in Curriculog.

All proposal types (e.g. Program, Course, and General Education) must be submitted using the Curriculog System. See Curriculog for the types of proposals available. Contact the Faculty Senate Office for further information on curriculum submissions at x6233 or email your questions to curriculum@weber.edu

EAST Proposal Submission Deadline

EAST Curriculum Meeting

University Proposal Submission

University Curriculum Meeting

Faculty Senate Meeting

24-Aug-22 31-Aug-22 5-Sep-22 13-Sep-22 6-Oct-22
20-Sep-22 29-Sep-22 3-Oct-22 11-Oct-22 10-Nov-22
18-Oct-22 27-Oct-22 7-Nov-22 15-Nov-22 8-Dec-22
8-Nov-22 17-Nov-22 28-Nov-22 6-Dec-22 19-Jan-23
29-Nov-22 8-Dec-22 9-Jan -23 17-Jan-23 9-Feb-23
24-Jan-23 2-Feb-23 6-Feb-23 14-Feb-23 16-Mar-23
14-Feb-23 23-Feb-23 27-Feb-23 21-Mar-23 13-Apr-23
Curricular changes approved at the Curriculum meeting will be reviewed at the following Faculty Senate meeting as outlined in the table above. Please plan to attend both meetings highlighted in blue.

EAST Curriculum Meeting begin at 2:00 pm, and held via Zoom

University Curriculum meetings begin at 2:00 pm, in Education Building Moench Room (16)

Faculty Senate meetings begin at 3:00 pm, in Lindquist Hall room 101

For inclusion of course and program proposals in the 2023-24 University Catalog, items will need to be passed by the Curriculum Committee at the January 17, 2023* meeting
and then passed by the Faculty Senate at the February 9, 2023** meeting.

All new and substantive course and program proposals must be passed by the UCC January meeting to be offered and included in the upcoming year’s catalog and class schedule. Nonsubstantive proposals must be on the UCC Chair step by the end of February (and approved) to be included in the upcoming year’s catalog.

New courses at all degree levels that are requesting course fees must submit a Curriculog New Course Fee proposal. Courses not so identified will be ineligible to propose course fees for 3 years.

New program proposals must be approved by President’s Council and Board of Trustees before they can be included in the University Catalog. Allow at least six weeks from the time the proposal is approved by Faculty Senate for it to go through President’s Council and Board of Trustees. Additional approval is required from NWCCU before students may be recruited to a new program or financial aid can be given to students enrolled in the program. Another 2 - 3 months is required for NWCCU approval after approval by the Board of Trustees. Proposing a new major or emphasis requires completing a full R401 template which should be uploaded to the Curriculog program proposal. Questions about completing the R401 template should be sent to Eric Amsel in the Provost’s office.