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Thank you for accessing the Department of Criminal Justice Advising page. We're dedicated to helping you achieve your academic and professional goals! To this end, take a moment to review the following resources and should you have any questions or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of the academic advisors listed below.

Are you lost? Totally confused about where to even start?  Please send your name, W# and a general description of the help you need to and we will get the right person to help you.

General Education (GE) Academic Advising

College General Education (GE) Academic Advisors

The Criminal Justice advisors help you with questions pertaining to the Criminal Justice program and curriculum. All other general advising questions (general education, registration holds, financial aid plans, new student orientation, first semester schedule, bounce back program, etc.) should be directed to the College Academic General Education (GE) Advisors.

For those who still have general education courses to complete, please contact a CSBS General Education Advisor at 801-626-7809 or make an online appointment.


Criminal Justice Academic Advising

New Students

After completing orientation, contact the CSBS advisors for assistance with your major and first semester schedule.

Current Students

Schedule an advising appointment through Starfish using the advisor's direct link. If you have a schedule conflict, please call or send an email.

Prospective Students

Please make an appointment with the advisor listed below through Starfish if you are a registered prospective student.  If you are not registered, call or email.

  • Students who are unsure of their major path should contact the CSBS college advisors.
  • Students interested in the general CJ program should contact Dr. Sween.  
  • Students interested in pre-law should contact Dr. Denniston.  
  • Students interested in CSI should contact Dr. Horn.

Dr. Molly Sween
General criminal justice advising and other department chair-related concerns
Phone: 801-626-7293
Dr. Sween will be e-advising this summer. Please send an email to her at and allow a 24-48 hour response time.

Dr. Brent Horn

CSI and forensic science advising
Phone: 801-626-8843
Dr. Horn will be e-advising this summer. Please send an email to him at and allow a 24-48 hour response time.

Dr. Mark Denniston

General criminal justice and pre-law advising
Phone: 801-626-6085
If you are making a pre-law advising appointment, please fill out the Pre-Law Interest Survey.
Dr. Denniston will be e-advising this summer. Please send an email to him at and allow a 24-48 hour response time.

Jean Kapenda

SLCC - Criminal justice advising
Office Hours: Monday 3:00–4:15 and 7:15–7:45; Wednesday 3:00–4:15
Phone: 801-957-5430
To schedule a meeting with Prof. Kapenda, email him at and he will schedule a Zoom meeting with you.