I Want to be a Tutor

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  • Financial compensation
  • Very flexible work environment – tutor schedules are designed around their class schedules
  • Training and certification in an internationally recognized academic support program
  • Increased interpersonal and communication skills
  • Increased expertise in academic subject areas
  • Experience working in a teaching setting
  • Personal satisfaction of helping other people

Tutor Qualifications

Tutors must have earned a "B" or better in the course(s) they wish to tutor (or equivalent ACT score) and be willing to work at least 10 hours per week.

Tutor Training

Weber State University tutors are trained and certified through the College Reading and Learning Association, an internationally recognized organization that certifies institutions around the world to provide academic supports. Training is a required component of working as a WSU tutor. Tutors are trained in a variety of areas, such as critical thinking skills, communication skills, metacognition, test-taking strategies, cultural awareness and diversity, and memory and retention strategies. Tutors are compensated for their time spent training and receive raises as they increase their level of certification. 

Apply to be a Tutor College Reading & Learning Association

apptutoring@weber.edu | 801-626-7484 | Tracy Hall Rm. 101.