Student Center

Come hang out at the Student Center in Lindquist Hall 209! Stop by to play games, eat snacks, study, make new friends and talk to our student mentors!


TBD for the fall 2023 semester

Meet Our Student Mentors!

Kosta Kambouris

Hello, I'm Kosta! B.I.S in political science, geography, and international studies is my major, and CSBS is my job. I enjoy reading, exploring new places, basketball, listening to good music and eating delicious food. Please reach out to us, I promise we don't bite! 

Quinn Tesch

Hey, what's up? I'm Quinn Tesch and I am a Criminal Justice major with a legal studies minor and aspirations for Law School! I like any and all types of competition, especially sports. I also love watching The Great British Baking Show with my wife. It is always great talking to people and getting to know my fellow students so shoot me an email or come stop into our student center sometime!

Caleb Robb

Hey! I'm Caleb! I'm a Social Work major, English minor, and a CSBS Student Mentor. I grew up in Ogden and enjoy traveling, art, and reading. I'm passionate about community advocacy and organization, policy, and helping the world become a better place. I am excited to help Weber State students however I can!