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Frequently Asked Questions



What are WSU PREP requirements?

All participants must:

Where is the program held?

Weber State University Ogden Campus

Would you like to join WSU PREP in Year 2 or Year 3 (and did not complete the previous years)?  Follow these steps to apply:

  1. Fill out application: Application Form
    (Complete la solicitud: Solicitud en español)

2. Study for the Logic Test - Refer to Student Study Guide (Open in Word or Google Docs to see the symbols.)
    (Los estudiantes deben estudiar para el examen de lógica - vea la Guía de estudio para el examen de logica.  Abrir en Word o Google Docs para ver         los símbolos de matematicas. )

3. Schedule an appointment with Maddie to take the Logic Test. The deadline to complete the test is May 3, 2023.
    (Los estudiantes deben de hacer una cita con Maddie  para completar el examen de lógica antes del 3 de mayo del 2023)

When does WSU PREP begin and end?

Monday, June 3- Thursday, July 18, 2023

How many days per week is the program? 

Monday - Thursday, except where noted on the calendar from 8:50 am - 2:30 pm.

What does the daily schedule look like?

Monday- Wednesday             
8:40-8:50..... Roll Call
9:00-9:50..... Career Awareness
10:00-1:55..... Classes
2:00-2:30..... Teacher Office Hours
11:05-11:45..... Y1
12:10-12:50..... Y2 & Y3

8:40-8:50..... Roll Call
9:00-9:30..... Career Awareness
10:00-1:55..... Classes
2:00-2:30..... Teacher Office Hours
11:05-11:45..... Y1
12:10-12:50..... Y2 & Y3

How much does this program cost?

WSU PREP is offered at no cost to the participants selected from Davis, Ogden and Weber School Districts. 

This is made possible by partnerships among WSU; the Davis, Ogden, and Weber School Districts and community organizations and companies, including private donations. 

What does my child need to bring every day? 

Completed homework, water bottle, lunch/lunch money, pencil/pen, PREP binder, and backpack

How will my child get to and from WSU each day? 

You are responsible to provide transportation to and from WSU PREP each day for your child. There is a UTA bus stop next to our drop off/pick up location and families are welcome to choose city buses. Please check the UTA website for special pricing for summer youth tickets.

Many parents work together to carpool (we will provide contact sheets for those interested).

WSU PREP will provide transportation to and from field trip locations. 

What courses will my student be taking?

See Program's Manual.

What is the attendance policy? 

Each child will be allowed 4 excused absences total for the program.  To excuse an absense, please contact the site coordinator and have your student work with their teachers on homework they will miss. However, PREP is a challenging academic program and the fewest absences possible is optimal for student achievement and learning. This policy includes other camps and family vacations.

What is a “Zero Tolerance” policy?

A strict policy on obedience and cooperation is maintained. This means your child may be dismissed from the program for any of the following: cheating, bullying, disrespectful behavior, disregard for written or verbal rules, not following campus rules, etc. 

How often will there be homework?

There will be classroom assignments Monday - Thursday. Students will have time during class to complete their work as well as the provided teacher open office hours and assistance will be provided as needed. Although they are not expected to have homework, students may occasionally bring home unfinished assignments.

What is a “teacher nomination?”

Each student is required to request a core teacher to complete a survey that will rate the student regarding academic performance, conduct in class, willingness to participate in class, maturity, punctuality, eagerness to learn new things, etc. 

What is the student essay portion of the application?

The student essay is a 100-200 word document written by the student explaining their interest in WSU PREP. The student, for example, might cite their interests in STEM-related activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), their school efforts and endeavours, or the career they hope to pursue.

This portion of the application is to understand the students' interest in STEM-related activities further than their primary education provides, as well as to understand their goals for their further education as they are transitioning from elementary school to junior high.