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Outstanding Graduates and Honorable Mention

Spring and Summer 2023

Dawson John Hoxer

BA in Spanish, Outstanding Graduate

I have had a wonderful time here in the Foreign Languages Department. My experience has been a little different than normal considering I have plans to go to PA School and therefore I have had a combination of both Spanish classes and science courses. I have truly loved pursuing Spanish as my choice of Bachelor's degree. Even now, working in healthcare, I have used so many of the skills I have learned in school to communicate with Spanish speakers. I have gotten to know many members of the faculty and I truly feel that they care for my future.



Seth Karl Thomas

BA in Spanish Translation, Outstanding Graduate

I was not sure what to expect coming into the Foreign Languages department, but looking back on it now I can say that my time spent here was a universally positive experience. Each and every one of my professors brought a passion for the language and dedication to teaching it and I consider myself lucky to have been a part of their classes. After graduation, I am considering several short-term options – working as a Spanish tutor, going abroad on a teaching or training program in Spain, or doing something else that I haven't thought of yet. My long-term goal is to work in translation, interpretation, or both.


Karson Robert Elwell

BA in German, Honorable Mention


The study of the German language has not only broadened my perspective of the world but has imparted a more profound understanding of what German culture really is. Exposure to this language and culture brought me into contact with people that I have built very strong relationships with. I credit my success to the dedicated instructors and experiences that I have had at Weber State. Studying German has opened a whole new world of language that I never knew existed. Let the journey begin!




Clara Megan Holt

BA in French, Honorable Mention

I never thought I would learn a second language and fall in love with it and the cultures who speak it. I loved the campus community in the Foreign Language Department, and the professors who really care about their students. I made lifelong friends who I hope to keep in contact with in the years to come. I plan on Freelance Translating for a year or two, and then continuing my education and sharing my love of French to others who would like to learn it. 


List of Spring and Summer 2023 Graduates