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Outstanding Graduates and Honorable Mention

Spring and Summer 2023


Edgar Fontanel Corrales

BA in French Commercial, Outstanding Graduate






Justin Richard Rhees

BA in French, Outstanding Graduate

My journey as a student in the Department of World Languages and Cultures has been a transformative and enriching experience for me, first as a dual major in German and Medical Laboratory Sciences (2006), and then as a returning student learning French (2023). Weber State’s immersive language courses are taught by world-class professors and have provided me with a profound appreciation for the study of languages and cultures. Through Weber State, I was able to complete two study abroad programs in Germany and France. These experiences have not only honed my language skills, but have also cultivated a deeper understanding of the historical, social, and cultural contexts that shape communication. The department's emphasis on practical application including real-world translation projects has allowed me to develop the ability to more accurately convey meaning between languages. My goal is to apply my translation skills to the field of medical laboratory sciences to help scientific publications reach a wider audience. Beyond translation, my education here has played a pivotal role in enhancing my cultural competency. I believe that fostering cultural awareness is integral to promoting empathy and connecting with others. I am eager to contribute to creating a more inclusive and interconnected global community here at Weber State University.



Mikayla Lynne Jensen

BA in French for the Professions, Outstanding Graduate






Brytin Devin Jones

BA in Spanish for the Professions, Outstanding Graduate

I am honored to have been chosen as an outstanding graduate for the Spanish for the Professions degree here at Weber State. When I first found out about the Spanish for the Professions degree, I knew immediately that it was the degree for me. I was recently accepted into medical school, and although a Spanish degree may seem like an unconventional pathway, I believe it has helped prepare me for medical school applications more than anything else would have. Being a Spanish major set me apart from other medical school applicants because it has given me a more profound ability to understand others’ cultures and to be able to communicate effectively with them. The Spanish for the Professions degree combined my love for the Spanish language and culture with my desire to pursue a profession in the medical field. The courses that are offered within the major felt tailored to me. My experience has been one that I am truly grateful for. I owe a lot to my professors, as they’ve become more than just professors, but also mentors and friends. I am humbled and grateful for this recognition.



Mary Ann Kapenda 

BA in Spanish Teaching, Outstanding Graduate





Mckinly Rachel Moynier

BA in Spanish, Outstanding Graduate

I am super grateful to have been through this program and to graduate this semester. For the future, I plan on using my degree to teach Spanish and to hopefully participate in humanitarian work. I also look forward to taking every opportunity that is given to me. 


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