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Foreign Language Minors

Language minors can complement a variety of majors, preparing you for a career in fields such as international business, government, journalism, law enforcement, social work, the medical field or education.

We offer minors in four languages: French, German, Japanese and Spanish. You will not only become proficient in a particular language by listening, speaking and writing it, but will learn about a culture’s attitudes, values and meaning by delving deeper into literature and culture studies.

Degree Requirements

Foreign Language Teaching Minors

Teaching minors can prepare you to teach a foreign language by giving you a solid base in French, German or Spanish — with an emphasis on teaching. Along with learning proficiency in basics like reading, writing and speaking, you will learn techniques and strategies for teaching foreign languages. To enter this program, you must also satisfy the Education Licensure Program.

Degree Requirements

Foreign Language for the Professions

Foreign Language for the Professions minors prepare you for careers that may demand communication in another language by focusing on business and professional language and practices in addition to reading, writing and speaking French, German or Spanish. This program will give you the skills you need to pursue your career by emphasizing language proficiency, culture and profession-focused studies.

Degree Requirements

Localization Minor

The Localization minor introduces you to the art of adapting products or services to meet the needs of a language or culture. You will learn concepts such as how to overcome technical or cultural issues in digital applications like software, websites, videos or video games.

Degree Requirements

Interdisciplinary Minors

The European Studies and Latin American Studies minors are interdisciplinary programs. In addition to studying a foreign language from Europe or Latin America, you will take classes in your target region’s history, geography, political science and more to round out your degree.

Degree Requirements


Kolt Carson

Class of 2020

“The Localization classes now offered at Weber State have really opened me up to the opportunities for employment in the language service industry. The new adjunct professors have real experience in the language service industry; I have learned a lot about the industry and am looking forward to becoming a part of it.”

Giovanna Bonella

Class of 2020

“The Localization classes at Weber State University have helped me gain a better understanding of the industry and why it is necessary. The professors’ expertise and knowledge of the localization field and their willingness to help students succeed was refreshing and made me want to go to class every time. I picked Localization as a minor to improve my linguistic skills and expand my knowledge on the language service industry. This interdisciplinary program has given me the opportunity to have an overview of a fascinating industry in which I plan to pursue employment upon graduation.”