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Bachelor's Degrees

Bachelor of Arts in French, German, or Spanish

Language degrees prepare you for a variety of fields, from journalism to teaching to law enforcement, with many graduates transitioning to graduate programs in law, medicine or education. Our proficiency-focused bachelor’s degree programs in French, German and Spanish will equip you with the ability to speak, write, read and understand a language, while also diving into literature and other aspects of culture associated with that language.

You will be encouraged to practice these skills outside the classroom, as well. Join one of our language clubs, complete an internship or travel on a faculty-led study abroad trip. These types of opportunities allow you to connect what you learned in the classroom with real-life scenarios, conversations and people.

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Arts in German or Spanish for the Professions, or in French for Translation and Global Industry

Foreign Language for Translation and Global Industry degrees and professional degrees prepare you for careers in international relations, diplomacy, government, business, law and healthcare. Required coursework in our bachelor’s programs will teach you advanced professional language and practices in your declared language, and an emphasis on learning culture will help you effectively communicate in everyday professions.

The program is proficiency-focused, and you’ll graduate with the ability to read, speak, write and understand your target language. That proficiency can be enhanced by participating in extracurricular opportunities such as traveling on a study abroad trip, joining one of our language clubs or completing an internship.

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Arts in French, German, or Spanish Teaching

Language-teaching bachelor’s degrees will prepare you for a teaching career in your chosen language of study. In addition to learning to speak, read, write and understand a language, you will be taught practical methods and strategies for teaching foreign languages and other skills like assessment techniques.

You will also be required to meet the Teacher Education admission and licensure requirements, and are encouraged to consult with advisors in the Jerry and Vickie Moyes College of Education in addition to advisors in the foreign language program. You must complete the Praxis II Content Knowledge Exam in your language prior to student teaching.

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Translation

Spanish is the second-most-spoken language in the world, and one of the five diplomatic languages of the United Nations. Getting your bachelor’s degree in Spanish translation will train you to perform quality translations and interpretations and adapt efficiently to a complex language-services industry. As a Spanish translation major, you will choose from a broad array of courses encompassing language structure, translation and interpretation, culture, linguistics and translation technology.

This degree opens doors for you to work in a variety of fields: Translation is a $40 billion industry. You will also complete an internship where you’ll gain experience using the skills learned in class.

Degree Requirements


Samuel Macias

Class of 2020

“When I decided to declare Spanish Translation as my major I had no idea what I was getting into. I was 30 years old and as a non-traditional student, I had many reasons to convince myself that I wasn’t going to be able to do this. I have been very pleasantly surprised at how helpful the professors are. How “at home” WSU feels for me now, as well as how fun the classes are and easy to get into. I highly recommend this program for anyone that is looking to grow in a great program, and later a great profession. I know that because of how well this program is taught I will easily gain a great career when it’s all said and done. The best academic decision I’ve made.”

Maria Barbiero

Class of 2022

“WSU classes on Translation Technology and Localization helped me learn to use translation software tools and learn about the importance of the language services industry. I learned this is a fast-growing industry that takes well-qualified people to do it. These classes motivated me to continue learning and gain the necessary skills to enter into this field upon graduation. The use of practical applications in class enhanced my knowledge of these fields of study.”