Safe@Weber Peer Educators

Safe@Weber Peer Educators assist the Women’s Center team in the development and facilitation of Safe@Weber workshops on topics of consent, healthy relationships, bystander intervention, gender socialization, risk reduction, survivor support, and dynamics of sexual/physical/emotional abuse. All of our Safe@Weber Peer Educators receive training in public speaking, workshop facilitation, violence prevention and advocacy, and a wide variety of professional skills.


  • Professional development in facilitation and public speaking
  • Opportunities to practice connecting academic learning with co-curricular learning and meaningful work 
  • Training in feminist theory, violence prevention, advocacy services, social justice education, and professional competencies
  • Opportunities to build a portfolio of work highlighting original workshops, presentations, and documents

Expectations and Requirements

  • 5-15 hours per week, including time co-facilitating Safe@Weber Workshops, preparing for workshops, and meetings with the Violence Prevention Coordinator. Hours may include evening hours for workshops and events. 
  • Extended training before each semester (1-day staff retreats) and 1-2 hours of team and supervisor meetings per week (included in the students' 5-15 hours of work). 

How To Apply

  • We are currently not hiring -- keep an eye on for a posting or email for more information!  
    • To apply for a Peer Educator position, you must include a cover letter, resume, references, and current transcript. Please read the application thoroughly and ensure that you are following all directions in your cover letter submission.
    • Must have a Weber State University GPA of 2.5 or higher, and maintain throughout employment at the Women’s Center.
    • Must be a full-time student (12-18 credit hours per semester in Spring and Fall), working on your first undergraduate degree. 
    • Resident, non-resident, and international students will be eligible. Additional requirements apply to international students. 
    • Questions? Contact us at!