Testing and Advisement

Academic Assessment

Veterans Upward Bound will administer the General Assessment of Instructional Needs (GAIN) to newly admitted participants. The veteran will answer some questions for the GAIN dealing with math and English which will produce a report allowing the advisor and tutors to help the participant make a learning plan.

College Placement Test

During the application process, Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) will administer Accuplacer testing as a means of interpreting a veteran's skill level in arithmetic, algebra, reading comprehension, and sentence skills. The average time to complete the test is about 1 1/2 hours. The initial test is labeled a "pre-test." At the end of the semester, we will administer a "post-test" to measure the student's progress in the various subjects. There is no cost to the veteran for taking either the pre- or post-test.

Interest Inventory

Staff can recommend a great free web-based career interest inventory.  Once you complete the questionnaire, results are provided that you can discuss with the staff.  The web service is free and does not even require an e-mail address so your security is safe.


Veterans Upward Bound will assist program participants in preparing for the General Educational Development (GED) test. Our instructors will tutor veterans in preparation for the math and English sections of the test. Arrangements are made on a case-by-case basis for social studies and science tutoring. The tests can be taken at the Weber State University Testing Center. The cost to the veteran is $11.00 for the writing/essay portion and $8.00 for the remaining sections of the test.

Financial Assistance Advising

  • Scholarships
    VUB participants are eligible to apply for the Utah TRIO Scholarship awarded annually to a deserving student and other scholarships that are advertised on this site periodically.

  • Financial Aid
    The VUB advisor, as well as other VUB personnel, are able to help veterans with the university financial aid application process.
    *Personnel can also direct veterans to other possible sources of financial aid for higher education.

Drop in, call our office (801-626-7173) or complete our online application to get started.

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