New Student To Do List

  1. Meet With Veteran Services 
    This is your initial contact and must be done by all GI Bill recipients every semester.
    Contact Veteran Services
  2. Vital Team (Veterans Integration To Academic Leadership)
    The Vital team is here to support you in your pursuit of a higher education, helping to enroll you in healthcare and to receive treatment. 
    WSU VITAL: 801-626-7608
  3. VSOC (VET Success on Campus)
    Providing information and vocational counseling effectively maximizing the benefits associated with the GI Bill.
    Drew Bickel 801-604-9301 (Drew is in our office Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday and will accept walk-ins)
  4. Career Support Specialist
    Exploring career options associated with your desired degree.
    Frank Magana, Career Support Specialist in Career Services: 801-626-6393
  5. Veterans Upward Bound
    Tutoring services for developmental math, English and computer skills.
    Veterans Upward Bound:  801-626-6393 | Website
  6. Academic Advising
    Meet with an academic advisor (this is not required, but strongly recommended)
    Find Your Advisor

When you have completed all steps, please contact Veteran Services to complete your certification to use your educational benefits.

Print Version of Checklist (PDF)