Requesting a uPay Site

Departments requesting a uPay site will need the following:

  • A WSU programmer who is able to write .net applications on the portalapps server.
    • The programmer will work with the TouchNet Administrator to create a site id
    • The programmer will need to provide the following information to the TouchNet Administrator:
      • Whether or not the user can adjust the amount transferred over from the .net app
      • If the uPay will update the finance realm with the payment information or if a package needs to be written.
      • Site Manager's email address
      • Posting URL
      • Success Link URL
      • Error Link URL
      • Cancel Link URL
    • The programmer must also send the information to update the external trans id with the student's W# that the payment is for.
      • ext_trans_id = spriden_id
      • Other information may be concatenated behind the spriden_id, but for reconciliation purposes, the spriden_id must be listed first.
    • For technical questions, please see the uPay Technical Guide 6.0.pdf