CME Station Requirements

From a technical perspective, there are several requirements for the machines operating CME:

  • The station must have a reserved, static IP address.
  • That IP address must be given permission to TouchNet's firewall
  • The user must have Administrator access to the machine.
  • Any station accepting credit card payments must be blocked from the internet (intranet-only station).
  • The Ingenico and Epson drivers install with the CME download. Do not run these independently.
  • Works on Windows 7 stations only.
  • CME transfers large amounts of data over the internet to the TouchNet servers in Kansas so it is important that the station has a decent internet connection and the processing power to efficiently read and respond to the data transfer.



Reserved, static IP
TouchNet firewall openings
No drivers for Ingenico/Epson
IP block from internet- intranet only
Does work on Win7