Tuesday Teaching Tips

Fourth Tuesdays from 2–3 p.m.

These virtual events will showcase some of the best practices for teaching in virtual and online formats presented by the faculty members from all colleges. Presentations will be in the format of GIFTS sessions (Great Ideas for Teaching Students) with Q&A opportunities at the end of each showcase.


Spring 2021 Schedule

Date Presenter Topic
January 26 Alex Lawrence Increasing Online Communication Quality and
Effectiveness with New Technology
February 23 Aspen Florence Building Social Emotional Learning (SEL) into Online
March 30 Drew Weidman Using Yuja to Create Simple Concept Videos for
Your Classes
April 20 Paul Neiman Teaching with Word Clouds and Creating
Community in Online Classes



We are currently in the process of refining our policies and processes for third party app integrations with Canvas to ensure we are following existing University policies and relevant laws including accessibility, data security, and the sharing of sensitive student information with external vendors.

If you are planning to use third-party apps that aren’t currently available through Canvas, please note the following:

  • Integrating a new app may require additional vetting which can take several weeks to months depending on the level of integration.Technical support of a third party app is not provided by the University.
  • See PPM 4-16 (C-2) for more information about requiring students to pay for third party apps.
  • See PPM 10-1 for more information about protecting sensitive student data and privacy.

Most third-party apps can be used outside of Canvas as standalone platforms so long as they adhere to university data and privacy standards.

For questions about university data and privacy standards, please contact the ISO and/or Legal Counsel. For more information about the vetting process or third-party apps in Canvas, please contact us at LMSadmin@weber.edu




Click here to view recordings of previous presentations.