Teaching in a Digital Classroom Series

  • The Classroom Technology Services team has upgraded over 200 classrooms with new technology that facilitates lecture capture and live streaming of classes. Many of the courses designated as FLEX in the class schedule will be taught in these technology enhanced classrooms.
  • Faculty will need to know how to operate the technology and effectively use it to engage all students attending class, whether that be from a remote location or sitting in the classroom with the instructor. 
  • This Teaching in a Digital Classroom Series is designed to build your skills for teaching in classrooms equipped with this new technology.  Upon completion of the series, you will:
  1. Be comfortable with the technology and know how to navigate it.
  2. Know how to self-support in digitally enhanced classrooms.
  3. Effectively employ strategies for keeping students engaged in the technology facilitated learning environment.
  4. Effectively manage classrooms and build learning communities with in-classroom students and students who join virtually.
  5. Maximize your learning outcomes through pedagogical strategies that accommodate both in-classroom students and students who join virtually.

The first 200 faculty members (contract, tenure track and adjunct included) who successfully complete the series will receive $100.  

  • If you complete all three modules by August 20, 2020, you will receive the stipend in your mid-September paycheck.
  • If you complete all three modules by October 30, 2020, you will receive the stipend in November.

For more information on tools, training, and support for teaching online or virtually, please visit the Teaching Online-Virtual page.

Module 1

Pedagogical Advice and Practices


Module 2

Schedule a face-to-face (or virtual) meeting with Kyle Peterson in IT. kylepeterson1@weber.edu

Module 2 is designed for faculty members who will be teaching on campus in one of the 200+ digitally enhanced classrooms at least once during the Fall semester. All module 2 training appointments with Kyle Petersen during the months of July, August and September are reserved for faculty who are scheduled to teach in one of the digitally enhanced classrooms during the fall 2020 semester. If you are teaching 100% virtually off-campus this Fall, then this session is not needed at this time. While the other modules provide excellent instruction on teaching digitally, module 2 helps faculty use the updated technology in the digitally enhanced classrooms on campus.  Additional training opportunities with Kyle will be made available in October and November for faculty scheduled to teach in the digitally enhanced classrooms during the spring 2021 semester.

Module 3

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