2021 Faculty Symposium: A Teaching and Learning Celebration

Take Action and be a part of the Faculty Symposium on Tuesday,  March 23 from 12:30 – 4:00 p.m. We invite all faculty to participate in this event. Share your ideas about teaching and learning.  Discuss current issues in education. Disseminate your research – in progress or completed. Collaborate with your colleagues and organize a panel discussion. We have a number of different formats in which you can participate. Additionally, we are thrilled to offer the opportunity for faculty to use the new technology in the Digital District space in Lampros Hall for their presentations. 

Award and Grant Recipients

Learn more about the 2020-21 Teaching Award and Grant Recipients.

Digital District

Take a tour and learn about faculty resources in the new Digital District in Lampros Hall!

Asynchronous Presentations

View posters and presentations from our faculty members and grant recipients.

Presidential Teaching Excellence Awards Recognition Program 

  • CEL Innovative Teaching Grant Recipients
  • George & Beth Lowe Teaching Innovation Grant Recipients
  • Presidential Teaching Innovation Grant Recipients
  • Presidential Teaching Excellence Award Recipients

  • Hosted in the Creative Corridor


Interactive Roundtable

Looking Back & Looking Forward: Reflections on Teaching During a Pandemic

Presented by: Anne Bialowas and Sarah Steimel

Hosted from the Media Viewing Room

Panel Discussion

Students' Perceptions of Bias on Patient Care in Mental Health

Presented by: Sally Cantwell             

Hosted from the Active Learning Classroom

Innovative Teaching

Invoking Inquiry in a New Age: Facilitating Socratic Seminar Virtually

Presented by: Stephanie Speicher                 

Hosted from the Collaboration Studio

Interactive Roundtable

Community Engaged Learning Community of Practice

Presented by: Rich Fry and Members of the CEL Community of Practice

Hosted from the Media Viewing Room


Student-Campus Interaction as an Indicator of Student Success

Presented by: Justin Burr

Faculty Research

SPARRING: A Deliberate Practice Pedagogy for Higher Education

Presented by: Francois Giraud-Carrier

Hosted from the Innovation Studio

Panel Discussion

Using Avatars to Enhance Learning Outcomes

Presented by: Dan Pyle, Peggy Saunders, Jean Norman, Ryan Cain, Melina Alexander, Susan Hafen, Sun Young Lee, and Melinda Russell-Stamp

Hosted from the Active Learning Classroom

– 3:50

Interactive Roundtable

Teaching Research Methods Virtually

Presented by: Hailey Gillen-Hoke, Michael Ault, Leah Murray, Azenett Garza, and Sarah Steimel

Hosted from the Innovation Studio

Panel Discussion

How to Improve the Value of Student Evaluations for Faculty and Students at WSU

Presented by: Marjukka Ollilainen, Diana Meiser, R.C. Morris, Melissa Neville-Norton, Gail Niklason, and Alex Lawrence

Hosted from the DIY Podcast Studio

Panel Discussion

Infusing Global Learning in Your Courses: GLB Course Attribute

Presented by: Yimin Wang, Kacy Peckenpaugh, Stephanie Wolfe, Gavin Roberts, and Rich Fry

Hosted from the DIY Media Production

3:55 4:00


For More Information Contact the Teaching & Learning Forum Office at 801-626-7667 or TLF@weber.edu