Faculty Development Course for Inclusive Excellence

ACUE Course in Inclusive Teaching through Equitable Learning (ITEL)

Weber State University is excited to offer faculty the opportunity to participate in the professional development course Inclusive Teaching for Equitable Learning (ITEL) offered by the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE). 

ACUE’s courses address a comprehensive set of evidence-based teaching practices shown to promote student success. In ACUE’s ITEL course, faculty learn teaching practices for developing students’ sense of belonging, ensuring course materials are accessible, developing appreciation for diverse viewpoints, understanding how diversity aids in innovation, and setting expectations for productive dialogue.

The course’s five (5) modules support faculty in:

  • Managing the Impact of Bias

  • Reducing Microaggressions in Learning Environments

  • Addressing Imposter Phenomenon and Stereotype Threat

  • Creating Inclusive Learning Environments

  • Designing Equity-centered Courses


ACUE Course in Effective Teaching Practices (ETP)

We know that time with students in class is sometimes our only opportunity to make a difference.

ACUE’s course in Effective Teaching Practices ensures that faculty learn about—and implement—the approaches that improve engagement and persistence and promote deeper learning.

This 25 module course concentrates on teaching practices effective in face-to-face instruction. Comprehensive in scope and organized around five units of study, faculty members learn together in cohorts and implement approaches to design an effective course and class, establish a productive learning environment, use active learning techniques, promote higher order thinking, and assess in ways that inform instruction and promote deeper levels of learning.

This course addresses all of the core competencies in ACUE’s Effective Practice Framework and leads to a Certificate in Effective College Instruction. This course can also be delivered through flexible microcredentials courses

It offers institutions an ideal way to expand the impact of their teaching centers and promote student success through great teaching, campus-wide.