Technology Library

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Our technology library is a collection of resources that faculty may want to experiment with, try out, test, or just generally experience before they invest resources into a purchase or grant proposal.  With support from ARCC, we have a collection of items that faculty can try out for a day, a week, or a month, depending on purpose.

To borrow an item (or items), fill out our check-out form.  PLEASE GIVE AT LEAST TWO DAYS' NOTICE FOR YOUR REQUEST.  Submitting this form will alert our office so that if we have your item ready for you right now, we can make immediate arrangements.  Once we have your information we will contact you to coordinate our loan system with your request. 

After your experience, all we ask of you is to contribute to our online collection of user feedback.  You might also take a look at this in order to get ideas for what others have experienced before you.

Below you can see what items are on our library shelf, as well as what is currently available, in case you were wondering how long you might have to wait for your loan.