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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The Righter of Wrongs

Mikel Vause has been a professor of English at Weber State University for 35 years. A prolific writer, Mike has penned numerous poems and books focusing on his research interests in mountaineering, exploration literature and environmental studies.  His most recent works include A Mountain Touched by Fire and At last Call for Young Men.  He has received numerous teaching awards including Continuing Education Professor of the Year, Cortez Honors Professor, Crystal Crest Master Teacher, The Lindquist Fellowship for Creative and Artistic Endeavors, and just this year, the Henry Aldous Dixon Award.

Mikel was named the first non-British judge for the Boardman-Tasker Mountaineering Literature Award and chaired the committee during its 20th year. Mike was the Cofounder and Director of the North American Interdisciplinary Conference on Wilderness (later renamed the North American Conference on Environment and Community) and has presented his work twice as the featured speaker for the International Mountain Literature Festival. He is a past Director of the WSU Honors Program and the founding Director of the WSU Environmental Studies Program. He was also the founding Co-Director of the National Undergraduate Literature Conference which has hosted approximately 6500 student participants at Weber State since 1985.

Mikel's presentation today is based on his publication, “Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The Righter of Wrongs or Exposing the Crimes of the Mormons” in A Tangled Skein.  He was invited to present this work at “The Baker Street Irregulars Expedition to the Country of the Saints” Conference in Salt Lake City on the 75th Anniversary of Doyle’s visit to Utah.  A copy of the essay has been placed in the BSI Official Archive at Harvard University.  Mike is a Weber State alum who went on to receive his Dual MA in American Studies and Literature, followed by a Ph.D. in 19th Century British and American Literature at Bowling Green University.  He’s married to Janis Barker and has four children, Kelly, Emily, Sarah, and Jared and 15 grandchildren.

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2017 Last Lecture

Molly Smith

"Off The Blocks without Goggle or Google"

2016 Last Lecture

Dixie has spent most of her career training teachers. She began as an adjunct math instructor at WSU. That experience grew into a full time position and necessitated earning an MS in Curriculum and Instruction in 1990 from WSU. She worked with Pat Henry on multiple teacher training grants including an NSF grant which required writing curriculum to train middle school teachers. She wrote six books in two years and created a “Math Specialist” concentration for elementary teachers. After Pat Henry retired she recruited Diane Pugmire to help teach the prospective elementary teachers. This involved teaching day classes, professional development for school districts, working on teacher training grants, working with the State Office of Education to create an elementary math endorsement, and teaching endorsement courses for surrounding districts.


2015 Last Lecture

Diane Kawamura

"The Original Shades of Gray"

2014 Last Lecture

Brad Carroll

"Reflections of a Time Traveler"

2013 Last Lecture

In March, we were happy to hear from Fran Butler, from the Department of Education for our 2013 "Last Lecture."  Fran Butler is a Professor in the Department of Teacher Education at Weber State University, in Ogden, Utah. She came to Weber State University in 1999 after completing her EdD at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in methods and instructional design for students with disabilities or at-risk for school failure. Her research interests include issues in international special education, mathematics disabilities, curriculum and instruction, learning strategies, and teacher preparation. Dr. Butler is the Primary Investigator for Project PRIME, a grant funded through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) part D. Project PRIME is an alternative preparation program for teachers seeking licensure in Special Education throughout the state of Utah and has been in operation since 2007. In addition, she serves as coordinator for on-campus and distance Special Education programs and works with district and state partners to improve outcomes for students with disabilities.

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