Book Groups

The Teaching and Learning Forum sponsors faculty/contract staff book groups each fall and spring semester.  The list of titles is distributed to campus and posted on the website before the semester begins, and you are encouraged to select a first and second choice from the list.  The TLF orders and distributes the books to each book group member.  Groups may choose their own facilitator or you may sign up for a book and be placed in a group based on that choice via the Book Group Sign-Up form.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some changes have been made to the Book Group policies and protocol. 

  • To decrease traffic and contact in the TLF office, only the facilitator (group leader) of each group will be able to pick up the books. 
  • For each member of a book group, there will be a book, a group bookmark, and a Great Harvest gift. The books for each group will be given to the facilitator, and the electronic gift cards will be emailed, so only one visit to the TLF office will be necessary.
  • Facilitators, please make prior arrangements/an appointment with the TLF office to pick up the books for your group. Our office hours during the fall semester will be Monday - Friday 9:30am - 5pm. 

Book Group Guidelines. Information to help you get the most from your book group. Also, there's important information for the group facilitator.


How to sign up: 

Have a suggestion for a good book for a future semester?  Email