Campus Directory PDF

A copy of the Campus Directory in PDF is available by request, or you can use the searchable Campus Directory at the top of the eWeber page

If you need further assistance with any of the information on this page, or if you have general questions about the Campus Directory, contact Jeremy Jackson at extension 7875.

Directory information update process

Campus directory information is pulled from the "Campus Information" section of employee profiles in the eWeber portal.  Employees are only able to update their own profile listing--it is not possible to update a listing for someone else.  Please note that adjunct faculty and hourly employees do not have a "Campus Information" section in their profile and thus will not be able to complete this process.  

To update your campus information in the portal: 

  1. Navigate to the Weber State University Home Page (
  2. Log in to the eWeber Portal using your Wildcat username and password.
  3. Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner of your browser window.
  4. Click on the “Profile Settings” link.
  5. Click on the "Capmpus Information" tab on the Profile Settings page.  Scroll down to display your information as it is currently listed in the system.   The following categories will be included in the Campus Directory: name, extension, mail code, job title, room number, department, campus e-mail address, and fax number.  Note that there are some fields that cannot be edited.  Your department and job title may only be changed by Human Resources through your supervisor.   Your building code is not editable, but will automatically be updated according to the mail code that you enter.
  6. Make any necessary changes and click on the "Save Changes" button.  

Please allow a full working day for the changes to be updated. After that time, log in again and make a final review of your information.  If changes are not made, we will assume that your data is correct and will display your campus information as it is displayed in your profile.