Broadcast Message Guidelines

Broadcast voice messages are used to provide information about Weber State University related events and opportunities to faculty and staff. All broadcast message requests must be approved by a Vice President of the University before submission. Broadcast messages are intended for official University business or University-related purposes only.

Guidelines: The following guidelines are intended to keep the volume of messages at a reasonable level and to ensure that broadcast messages effectively serve the needs of Weber State University.

  • Broadcast message may be used for announcements and communications concerning community information. Community information messages are those of the following nature:
    • Announcements regarding health and safety issues*
    • Announcements regarding campus closure*
    • Announcements regarding system outages*
    • University events and deadlines of large impact
    • Matters of policy or processes, including changes in campus policies, procedures, organizations, or departments
    • Non-profit University related events of interest to the campus population

* The voicemail system is not designed as a delivery mechanism for emergency or time-sensitive information. Urgent messages, or those which must be communicated quickly, should use an alternative method.

  • Broadcast messages are not intended for marketing communications of a profit making nature, such as merchandise sales, ticket sales, and for-profit services.

When determining which messages to broadcast, the Telecommunications office will use discretion while abiding by the above policy guidelines.

Submissions: Broadcast message requests should be submitted only after the approval of a Vice President has been received. All submissions should include the name of the requester and the name of the sponsoring Vice President. The requester should allow one full working day before the broadcast of the message. Please use the following link to submit broadcast message requests: Broadcast Message Requests

Broadcast: Broadcast messages are sent out to all Audix voice mail boxes. Because messages are assigned “broadcast” status, the message waiting notification light will not be lit.

For more information about broadcast messages, please contact Kyle Stoddard at 6024.